My Fanfiction

This is a blog dedicated to housing my fanfiction, as well as reccing other fanfiction that I enjoy.

My fanfics:

The Discovery Series is a multi-part FujiRyo Prince of Tennis fanfiction that explores Fuji’s sadism as well as Ryoma’s masochism. It is imbued with power dynamics as most of my fanfiction is.

Finding Home is a Spike/Angel fanfiction that explores what would have happened if Spike sought out a second chance with his Sire. The Sire/Childe role is prominent throughout this story.

Forged in Fire is a Yoko/Hiei Yu Yu Hakusho fanfiction that explores the world of the makai before Yoko became the red-haired Kurama. He is ruthless and Hiei is his mate. This has very heavy power themes throughout.

Shards of Silver is a Harry/Draco fanfiction that deals with a super-powered Harry finding out Draco is his mate. This was the first fanfiction I ever wrote with any type of power dynamics involved.

The Path to Valta is a Kenshin/Sano fanfiction that deals with Kenshin’s inner demons.

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