More FujiRyo Recs

One Shots

Leading by lunacrescent. Dance with me.

Under the Thumb by actic_dragon. Jealousy in a drawer.

Echoes by exwaiz. Angst. Inspired by the song “Fire Sign” by David Berkley.

Waiting Unknown by exwaiz. Echizen Ryoma waits for no one. Fuji would like to think he’s the one exception to the rule.

Thoughts of Home by exwaiz. Home used to be a country far away.

Scherzo by exwaiz. Syuusuke loved the sea.

Birthday by exwaiz. Syuusuke is a photographer so he knows the techniques as well as the emotions behind the camera

But by exwaiz. Fuji doesn’t like unfinished sentences.

Chocolates by exwaiz. Ryoma doesn’t like chocolates.

Bad Habits by exwaiz. Fuji has a bad habit.



FujiRyo Recs


Acceptable Courtship Rituals by philalethia. Fuji is sadistic and persistent, and Ryoma isn’t pleased.

Affection by arctic_draconis. Fuji’s affections are getting a slight bit too public for Ryoma.

April Fool’s Day Joke by SVZ. Tezuka really shouldn’t have given Fuji the book on American customs. Really. He shouldn’t have. Too late, though, because Fuji finds a certain holiday fascinating…

Kitchen Research by arctic_draconis. Fuji decides to spice up his and Ryoma’s relationship.

Complex by Ryuuza. “Is it my imagination or is Fuji stalking you?”

Xenophobia by Ryuuza. Fuji has a plan to teach Ryoma a fear of strangers. He goes about this in his usual sadistic way, of course.

English Assignment by awintea. Fuji asks Ryoma to proofread his English assignment.

Fuji’s Rival by mezashite. Fuji finds himself having to share Ryoma’s affections.

Incentive by desert_anbu. Being an early bird on occasion has its advantages.

Infatuation by Ouvalyrin. This is dangerous. Ryoma is dangerous. Fuji can’t bring himself to care.

Stability by Ouvalyrin. People change. Ryoma’s P.O.V. Parallels Infatuation, semi-sequel to that.

Kiss Me or I’ll Kill You by blackxxcat013.  Ryoma finds himself pinned against a dirty alley wall, an eerily happy Syuusuke leaning close to him. “Kiss me or I’ll kill you.” It’s then that he feels the cold sharp edge of a blade dangerously close to his abdomen. And he smirks.

More than Gravitation by yumeyana. Saeki always told me that I had this tendency to gravitate towards strong people. I said that it was natural. But what I did not know was that there were times that it was more than gravitation that pulled me close...

Possession by Lady Androgene. Ryoma is Fuji’s. Everyone knows that. But Fuji has other thoughts.

Scars by FallingSilver. Fuji Shusuke is the tensai of Seigaku, and he is perfect. But Echizen Ryoma finds out that he is hiding a flaw.

Seriously Speaking by Beautiful Taboo. Wherein Fuji and Ryoma try to get their feelings across. And fail. A lot.

Simple Wants by Jennifer D. “Uunnnnya. There’s something wrong with Ochibi lately nya.”

Submission by rebecca_roll. Fuji is a sadistic tease, but Echizen is very stubborn.

Trial and Error by zenfriend. Ryoma telling Fuji he has a crush on him is a matter of trial and error.

Chaptered Fics

Haunted By the Rain by SelfHatredIsCommonEnough. His legs felt like lead as he ran, why couldn’t he catch up? Why couldn’t Fuji hear his calls?