Sequel to Learning Curve

The Discovery Series, which is the Prince of Tennis epic I’ve been working on for two or three years now, has come to its third arc: The Chains of Choice.

This can be read here on the blog, here on A03, or here on FFN.

I’ve fixed the linking issues on the blog (finally). I had to go back and re-do about half of my url links for easier navigation of Forbidden Desires and Learning Curve. Each fanfic was linking to one another’s chapters; very confusing.

The summary for The Chains of Choice: Sequel to Learning Curve. Thrill Pair. FujiRyoSae. Fuji must come to terms with his own inner demons as Sora calls in the favor he owes her, while his relationship with Ryoma and Saeki becomes more passionate and more complex.

An Excerpt: 

“He is putting more pressure on Tachibana because he’s aiming at his uninjured side,” Inui said, taking it upon himself to explain to the clueless freshmen what was going on.

“What he’s doing,” Fuji said, “is forcing Tachibana to put more pressure on his injured leg because every time he returns the ball, he has to step further forward with it. It’s cruel.”

Ryoma tensed beside him. “This isn’t the way tennis should be played,” he murmured.

“No,” Fuji said. “It’s not.”

The video ended and an uncomfortable silence fell over the Regulars. No one seemed inclined to break it.

Fuji’s hands tightened in his lap. He gritted his teeth against the desire to go out and find Kirihara and make him pay. But he knew it wouldn’t be that simple. Not when he had seen glimpses of himself throughout the match.



Learning Curve, Spectrum, and a Random FMA Fic

I recently completed Learning Curve, the 2nd part of the Discovery Series featuring FujiRyo. There are 22 chapters; I’ve only posted 18 up for now. There is a glitch going on with WordPress and it’s not linking the navigation correctly between certain chapters. I’m going to have to fix that.

I have two more fics planned in the Discovery Series arc. The next one, The Chains of Choice, will deal with Fuji’s inner struggle against needing to break the people around him and his need to keep Ryoma safe. It also brings Sora, a minor character in the first arc, into a more active role.

Even though this is a fanfiction blog, I have decided that any of my original bdsm fiction will be posted here as well as on A03. I haven’t started posting that one here yet, but the first 17 chapters can be found here:

Speaking of A03, I was browsing around earlier, looking simply for fics tagged “BDSM,” and ended up finding a pretty awesome Roy/Edward FMA fic. As it’s a recent addition and the author has said it is completed (they’re just posting it now), I’m hoping the next chapter will be out soon! It can be found