The Chains of Choice Chapter 2

The second chapter of The Chains of Choice is up.

I’m hoping to write another chapter tomorrow. We’ll see what happens.

An excerpt from the 2nd chapter: 

“The text message,” Fuji said. “It was from Sora.” He didn’t miss the way Ryoma opened his mouth to open a question and then snapped it shut. Smart. “She’s calling in my debt.”

Ryoma stopped, folded his arms, and stared at Fuji, daring him to continue down the alley without further explanation.

Fuji didn’t hesitate; where they were going, any subordination from his lover could get them both killed. He took hold of Ryoma’s shoulders with a grip so painful it made the freshman’s eyes widen, off-footing him before he’d even had a real chance to protest, and slammed the younger man against the brick wall behind him.

He leaned in close, dropping his voice to a whisper. “If you want to continue living, you need to act like I’m the only reason you’re alive at all. This is the absolute worst part of town for you to defy me. Understand?”

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