The Chains of Choice Chapter Five

Chapter Five of The Chains of Choice is up.

Here’s an Excerpt:

“Saa,” Fuji said, lifting empty hands to the bouncer. “I’m afraid I’m not 20 yet. But I’m not here for the services.” Some of the men in line behind him snorted. He swore he heard one of them yell, “Go home, kid!” but he tuned it out.

 The bouncer rolled his eyes and jerked his thumb towards the empty side of the street. “Get lost, kid,” he said.

 “I’m afraid you misunderstand me,” Fuji said, letting authority fall into his voice for the first time. The bouncer was a grunt. Being stopped here would be worse than pathetic. “I’m here to speak with Hayashi. We have an appointment.”

 The bouncer snorted. “Sure. That’s what they all say. Get lost.”

 “No,” Fuji said. “I’m not moving from this spot until you let Hayashi know that Fuji Syuusuke is here to see her.”

 “Sorry, kid. None of our women take on appointments with minors.” The bouncer narrowed his eyes. “Now get lost.”

 Fuji folded his arms over his chest and planted his feet, snapping his eyes open. “You have one minute to tell Hayashi that the Bleeder is here to see her. It’s undignified, but I’ll resort to violence if I have to.”

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