Chains of Choice Chapter 16

Chapter 16 of Chains of Choice is posted. You can read it Here.

Warning: This is a VERY dark chapter. 


How long had he been here? The days blurred together. What was his life like before this? Pain defined his existence now. He vaguely remembered his father’s pity, but that didn’t matter anymore. His father had given him to her.

What had he done to deserve this? A violent shudder ran through him and he almost gasped at the abrupt revelation that came to him: I tortured someone. And I reveled in it. He bit back a sob. He had done the same thing she was doing to him and loved it.

He wondered if she felt the same joy in it that he had, but it was a short-lived thought. He heard footsteps and tensed. They only ever belonged to her. He bit his lip so hard it started bleeding to keep from begging. If he begged, she made the sessions worse. Nothing was worth this. No pleasure was worth going through this much pain.

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