Chapters Added

Parselsmith chapters 14, 15, 16, and 17 are now available. This is the current Harry/Draco fic I’m working on.

Vengeance chapters 1 and 2 are now available. This is the current FujiRyo fic I’m working on.

Hell Hotel chapter 1 is now available. This is current Angel/Spike fic that is part of the Familial Bonds series, the sequel to Finding Home that I’m working on.


Parselsmith Update

While the first 13 chapters of Parselsmith have been available to read on AO3 and FFN for awhile now, I realized I needed to also upload them here. On top of that, the last two chapters of The Chains of Choice have also been added to the blog (The Discovery Series is complete!).

I’ve also added Chapters 14 and 15 of Parselsmith, which are the newest chapters of the story. You can find the story in full here. 

Parselsmith Update

Chapter Three of Parselsmith is available! You may read it here. 


I’ve started a new Harry/Draco fanfiction that can be found here as well as on my AO3 account and on my FFN account. The following is the blurb for the story:

Harry is the owner of Parselsmith, a shop that deals with all things Parseltongue including spellwork and translations. Draco works as a cursebreaker for the Ministry, examining items found in raids for Dark magic. During one particular raid, he finds a box of scrolls written in a language that no one seems to be able to decipher. Out of desperation, he takes one of the scrolls to Harry’s company and he finds out that the scrolls are in Parseltongue. Reluctant at first, Harry eventually agrees to translate the scrolls for Draco. As the translation reveals a horrific truth about the war, Harry and Draco find themselves bonding over a cause.

Read Parselsmith here. 

KageHina AMV

Kurama x Hiei AMV

Since I’ve decided to work on Forged in Fire, my Kurama x Hiei fanfiction, I’ve been watching certain episodes of Yu Yu Hakusho and Kurama x Hiei amvs for some inspiration. While this amv doesn’t really go with the story I’m writing, I think it’s very well done, so I figured I’d share it.

A FujiRyo AMV

This is one of the best made Thrill Pair AMVs I’ve ever found.

The Chains of Choice Chapter Three

The 3rd Chapter of The Chains of Choice is up!

Here’s an excerpt:

“Did you like that Syu was forced into a situation where he had no choice but to beat you? That his power was stripped away from him?”

“What?” Ryoma asked, dumbfounded. “He’s hurt me in front of people before.” Why the hell was Saeki making a big deal out of this?

“Yeah,” Saeki said, “but he choose that. He didn’t have a choice here.”

“Sure he did,” Ryoma said. “He could hurt me or…” he trailed off, suddenly feeling guilty.

“Or what?” Saeki prompted. He wasn’t going to let Ryoma run away from the truth, no matter how ugly .
Ryoma shook his head, silent, as tears started to form in his eyes.

Saeki planted himself in front of Ryoma, leaning close to his lover. “Or what?” he asked, tone hard.

Ryoma’s shoulders shook. But he replied, because he didn’t want to risk the ire he saw building in Saeki’s eyes. “Or he could have let me die,” he said, the words coming out a whisper.

The Chains of Choice Chapter 2

The second chapter of The Chains of Choice is up.

I’m hoping to write another chapter tomorrow. We’ll see what happens.

An excerpt from the 2nd chapter: 

“The text message,” Fuji said. “It was from Sora.” He didn’t miss the way Ryoma opened his mouth to open a question and then snapped it shut. Smart. “She’s calling in my debt.”

Ryoma stopped, folded his arms, and stared at Fuji, daring him to continue down the alley without further explanation.

Fuji didn’t hesitate; where they were going, any subordination from his lover could get them both killed. He took hold of Ryoma’s shoulders with a grip so painful it made the freshman’s eyes widen, off-footing him before he’d even had a real chance to protest, and slammed the younger man against the brick wall behind him.

He leaned in close, dropping his voice to a whisper. “If you want to continue living, you need to act like I’m the only reason you’re alive at all. This is the absolute worst part of town for you to defy me. Understand?”

Sequel to Learning Curve

The Discovery Series, which is the Prince of Tennis epic I’ve been working on for two or three years now, has come to its third arc: The Chains of Choice.

This can be read here on the blog, here on A03, or here on FFN.

I’ve fixed the linking issues on the blog (finally). I had to go back and re-do about half of my url links for easier navigation of Forbidden Desires and Learning Curve. Each fanfic was linking to one another’s chapters; very confusing.

The summary for The Chains of Choice: Sequel to Learning Curve. Thrill Pair. FujiRyoSae. Fuji must come to terms with his own inner demons as Sora calls in the favor he owes her, while his relationship with Ryoma and Saeki becomes more passionate and more complex.

An Excerpt: 

“He is putting more pressure on Tachibana because he’s aiming at his uninjured side,” Inui said, taking it upon himself to explain to the clueless freshmen what was going on.

“What he’s doing,” Fuji said, “is forcing Tachibana to put more pressure on his injured leg because every time he returns the ball, he has to step further forward with it. It’s cruel.”

Ryoma tensed beside him. “This isn’t the way tennis should be played,” he murmured.

“No,” Fuji said. “It’s not.”

The video ended and an uncomfortable silence fell over the Regulars. No one seemed inclined to break it.

Fuji’s hands tightened in his lap. He gritted his teeth against the desire to go out and find Kirihara and make him pay. But he knew it wouldn’t be that simple. Not when he had seen glimpses of himself throughout the match.