Chapter 23

Fuji brushed past Tony as he entered the assassin’s apartment, not bothering to hide his irritation. He was thoroughly fed up with having to prove that his relationship with Ryoma was genuine. First it had been Ryoma’s dad. Then Rick. And now Tony? The assassin was the last person with the right to question him.

Ryoma followed him quietly into the living room with Tony on his heels. He sat down on the edge of the couch, doing his best not to provoke anyone. It was harder than it sounded.

Fuji sat down onto the couch, careful not to jostle Ryoma. He motioned at Tony to take a seat in the recliner opposite him, mollified slightly when the assassin did as directed. He pulled Ryoma off the edge of the couch into his lap, the suddenness of it making the freshman let out a small yelp. Fuji slid his hands up under Ryoma’s shirt, rubbing gentle circles across his stomach. Ryoma tensed in his arms the way he usually did when being treated gently, but Fuji ignored it as he glared across the room at Tony.

“Syuusuke,” Ryoma said, almost pleading.

“Sorry, Ryoma, but Tony here might interfere if I get any rougher,” Fuji said, completely unapologetic.

Tony frowned at them. “Just act like I’m not here.”

Fuji glared at him. “I can’t do that. If you weren’t here, I’d be hurting him.” He kept his tone light, almost mocking. He was baiting the assassin, but he couldn’t find the will to care.

Tony scowled, his hand moving to his gun holster involuntarily before he noticed and forced himself to relax.

Echizen noticed the exchange and dug an elbow hard enough into Fuji’s ribcage to make him wince. Suddenly all the heat that had been directed at Tony was directed at him. He squirmed a bit under that gaze.

“Ryoma,” Fuji said, voice hard.

“Hm?” Echizen was doing his best not to reveal how shaken his nerves were.

“What have I told you about doing that?”

The freshman shivered a little in Fuji’s arms. “Not to,” he said promptly.

“Care to explain yourself then?”

Ignoring the question, Echizen focused his attention on Tony. “Don’t interfere.”

Tony glared at him. “I won’t let him hurt you.”

Echizen quirked a grin at the assassin. “I like being hurt.”

“Ryoma,” Fuji snapped.

Echizen startled a bit and slid of Fuji’s lap, settling on his knees in front of him, sinking into a full kneel. “Sorry, Syuusuke,” he said sincerely. “I was afraid you were going to get yourself shot.” He’d learned in the past few weeks that supplicating himself sometimes mollified Fuji and could occasionally lead to a reprieve from punishment.

Fuji considered the freshman in front of him. He had asked for an explanation. And he had been baiting Tony. It was stupid. He was stupid. With a heartfelt sigh, he let go of his anger. It wasn’t doing him any good. And he could always wait until later to find an outlet for it… perhaps he could find some unpleasant tasks for Tony. He turned to the assassin. “Can you keep yourself from getting trigger happy?”

Tony frowned. “I don’t like the idea of you hurting him at all.”

“He is a masochist,” Fuji explained calmly.

Tony shrugged.

“It doesn’t matter to me if you like it or not. All I need to know is that you won’t interfere.”

“I won’t prom-”

“Tony,” Echizen interrupted. “I trust Syuusuke. I get that you don’t. But I like pain. And if you keep insisting you don’t want to see me hurt, I’m not going to have any fun. I agreed to you watching so you can see that Fuji isn’t a threat to me. I didn’t say I wanted your help.”

“Fine,” Tony said, voice low and taut with anger.

“I told you not to do anything to upset him,” Fuji said mildly, staring down at Ryoma who was fighting not to flinch. “So you won’t interfere?” He directed the question at the assassin.

“No,” Tony said. “I won’t.”

Fuji smiled and reached for the bag he’d thrown off to the side when he’d sat down. He rifled through it and pulled out a few rubber bands, a paper clip, and an eraser. “Take your clothes off, Ryoma,” he said.

Echizen stood and began undressing, stopping with one hand on his boxers when they were all he had left to remove. He glanced at Tony, then back at Fuji.

“You can keep them on,” Fuji said. He didn’t like the idea of Tony seeing his boyfriend naked. He moved off the couch, settling onto his knees where Ryoma had been. “Lay down face down,” he said, patting the cushion closest to him.

When Echizen was situated, Fuji picked up one of the rubber bands and slide it onto Echizen’s left arm until it was nestled in the crook of his elbow. He grabbed a second band and placed it in the same place on Echizen’s right arm. Grabbing two more, he them behind the soft flesh of the freshman’s knees. The placement caused Echizen’s entire body to tense as Fuji had known it would. Those wouldn’t be fun. He ran a hand over the back of Echizen’s left knee, lightly tugging the band. “First or last?” he asked.

Echizen swallowed. “Last please,” he said. Those bands were definitely there for punishment purposes, not fun. He didn’t want to associate the good pain with punishment. He hoped being asked meant that wouldn’t be the case today.

“If I do that last, it won’t be rubber bands,” Fuji said.

Ryoma shuddered. He didn’t know what Fuji would use in place of the bands and he knew from experience that the second choice was always the worst. This time he chose it deliberately; he wanted to have fun first. “I’d still like to leave it for last please, Syuusuke.”

Fuji smiled. “Very well.” He picked up the paperclip and unbent it so that it formed a straight line. He drew it across Echizen’s back from his right shoulder blade to his left, pressing down hard enough to leave a deep red line and keep the skin intact. He had no interest in watching his boyfriend bleed.

Echizen relaxed into the pain, making small noises as Fuji dug the clip into his skin. He loved the way it felt. It was much lighter than fingernails, less harsh, but it was much more focused. He gritted his teeth against the pain of it, forcing himself to relax. The pain was only about five on a scale of one to ten, but for him five was a good warm-up.

Fuji held his lip lightly between his teeth as he drew a parallel line underneath the first, before continuing the pattern down the entire length of Echizen’s back. Watching the marks appear and knowing he was the cause of them sent a thrill through him. The way his boyfriend completely gave himself up to the pain added to his enjoyment. Once he’d run the length of Echizen’s back, Fuji moved the paper clip to the beginning of the first line and began drawing vertical lines across its width. After he was done with that, Echizen’s back looked like a sheet of grid paper and Fuji smiled softly to himself before moving down to his thighs.

The backs of Echizen’s thighs was the area Fuji had been looking forward to playing the most because it was a much more sensitive area. The pain would be greater. With that thought in mind, he set the paperclip against Echizen’s skin and drew the first line, long and deep. Echizen cried out for the first time, jerking his leg back reflexively against the pain. Fuji frowned at the movement and picked himself up off the floor. He sat down on the couch, pinning Echizen’s calves beneath him, and leant down to draw the second line.

He made the second mark on the opposite thigh, causing Echizen to cry out again. Fuji closed his eyes in pleasure at the sound, taking a moment to relish the sheer joy that seeing someone in pain always gave him. The next mark he made began his pattern of alternating between each of Echizen’s thighs, each one causing the freshman to cry out in pain.

Before he had gone halfway down either thigh with the clip, Echizen was crying softly. While his back had only reached about a five, his thighs were at least an eight. Maybe a nine. He knew he could tell Fuji to stop any time he needed to stop, but the pain felt incredible. Part of him was tempted for it to go further, for Fuji to break skin, so that he could experience more, but he knew already that Fuji would never intentionally bleed him.

Fuji smiled at the sight of the tears streaming down Echizen’s face. It was good to know that he could hurt the freshman to the point of tears and keep going; that Ryoma wouldn’t ask him to stop. Having so much control put in his hands was intoxicating.

Marking only the horizontal lines on Echizen’s thighs, Fuji stopped right before the soft flesh of his knees on each side. Part of him was tempted to use the paperclip there, but Echizen had asked him to administer punishment last. Today, he would wait. He stood up and pushed at Echizen’s hip, telling him wordlessly to turn over. The freshman hissed with pain as his abraded skin met fabric.

Fuji leaned down for a kiss, thrusting his tongue inside Ryoma’s mouth as he began the dance to get him to submit. No matter what kind of pain play they were doing, Echizen always attempted to vie for dominance when they kissed. He was such a cocky brat. Fuji sunk a couple teeth into Echizen’s lower lip, causing the freshman to gasp and giving Fuji his victory. He smirked as he drew back, then frowned as he glanced between Tony and Echizen. Ryoma pouted at him but nodded slightly and Fuji had to fight off a laugh. Both of them wanted to do a lot more than kiss, but neither of them wanted an audience.

Wordlessly, Fuji kneeled down and drew a line across Echizen’s chest with the clip. The pain caused Ryoma to let out a small hiss of pain and Fuji continued down, confining the marks to Echizen’s chest. He made five marks in total before he decided he’d had enough fun with the paperclip and slipped it into his pocket. Fuji reached down to where Echizen was holding his arms taut against his side and drew the right one out towards him. Holding eye contact with the freshman, Fuji pulled the rubber band nestled against his elbow as far out as it would go. Seeing anticipation and dread build in Echizen’s eyes, Fuji smirked and let it go.

The suddenness of the pain made Echizen jump and the harsh sting of it brought fresh tears to his eyes. Before he could properly recover from the first snap, Fuji had stretched it out again and released it. Echizen shuddered and watched with Fuji as his arm turned red, jumping every time the band connected with flesh. He tried not to tense, but his instincts won out. After fifteen snaps in the same area, the red spot was starting to become a red welt.

Fuji smiled at the dark red line that had formed in the crook of Echizen’s elbow, knowing that it would be painful for a good while. Still, the darkness of it was beginning to concern him so he decided it would be better to simply move on to Echizen’s left arm. Watching the welts form was mesmerizing.

He glanced at Echizen and smiled at his half-closed eyes and the way his lips were slightly parted, dried tear tracks lightly staining his face. Fuji took all of the rubber bands off, echoing Echizen’s look of content with one of his own. “Ryoma,” he said. “Turn over. You asked for this last.” Fuji held up the eraser, feeling a twinge of regret as Echizen flinched at the sight of it.

“How long?” Echizen asked, voice soft, as he obeyed.

“Ten seconds on each,” Fuji said. He stood and moved back to where he’d been sitting before, once again pinning Echizen’s calves under his thighs. He placed the tip of the eraser against the back of Echizen’s right knee without moving it. “Do you accept this punishment?” he asked. He didn’t normally ask because there was an unspoken understanding between the two of them that it was unnecessary.

“I accept it,” Echizen said after a moment. It took him a few seconds to realize that Fuji was asking for Tony’s benefit; to keep the assassin from interfering.

Fuji turned to Tony. “You heard that?”

“Yes,” Tony said. “I heard.”

Fuji nodded once and turned his attention to Echizen. He pressed down hard with the eraser and began moving it rapidly back and forth across Ryoma’s flesh. Echizen screamed. The pain was like nothing he’d ever felt. Ten seconds stretched into an eternity and he was dimly aware that he was begging, pleading with Fuji to stop, even though he knew his boyfriend wouldn’t. If he had some sort of medical crisis he knew Fuji would stop, but both of them knew that while this hurt like hell, Echizen had agreed to the punishment and that consent was all that mattered.

When the ten seconds were up, he thought for a second that he might be able to relax but the second air hit the area he screamed again. The pain was worse than when Fuji had been rubbing. Before he could process that, Fuji had already started on the other knee and all Echizen could do was dig his nails into the cushions beneath his hands and scream in pain. Another eternity passed and then he was free. His legs were on fire, but he was free.

Fuji moved off Echizen who was openly sobbing and took a seat on the free end of the couch. When the freshman had recovered enough to sit up, he launched himself at Fuji, who wrapped his arms around his quivering boyfriend.

“I’m sorry,” Echizen said, trying to find a way to stretch his legs out so that his thighs and calves weren’t touching each other. He curled into Fuji’s chest as he gave up. There was just no way to sit that didn’t hurt.

Fuji ran a hand through Echizen’s hair. “You’re forgiven,” he said. He moved Echizen’s legs so that they weren’t digging into his, ignoring the pained hiss Echizen let out as he did so. He turned to Tony. “Believe me now?”

Tony nodded, jaw clenched.

Fuji was pleased. Tony might not be satisfied with what he’d seen, but that didn’t matter. The important thing was that the assassin would keep both of them safe now. Granted, the day would have been better if he’d managed to get Echizen completely to himself, but he couldn’t complain too much. He’d had too much fun.

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