Chapter 11

Chapter Eleven

Fuji stood in front of Ryoma, who was still on his knees in front of him. “Are you sure,” he said calmly, “that teasing me is what you should be doing right now?”

Ryoma tensed. His gaze locked on the ground in front of him. “No, Syuusuke,” he said. After the events of the last few days, he knew he had punishment coming.

Fuji hid his smile. The freshmen hadn’t broken any major rules, but his lover took everything seriously. It was comforting to know that Ryoma found disappointing him so devastating. That knowledge eased his anger and allowed him to think rationally about the punishments he dealt out. “Go upstairs and wait for me,” he said.

Ryoma started to get to his feet, but Fuji pushed him firmly back down to his knees. The freshman got the message and crawled towards the stairs.

When Fuji made it to the bedroom, he found Ryoma kneeling naked in the center of the room. The sight took his breath away. His lover, so willingly vulnerable to his whim, sent a thrill of pleasure down his spine.

Fuji went to his dresser and removed a pack of clothespins. He opened the pack and held it at eye level so Ryoma could see what he had. “We’re going to play, Ryu-chan,” he said. “I’m going to put these on you. I expect you to show me that you have the self-discipline not to knock them off.”

Ryoma swallowed before he spoke. “Is this-”

“No,” Fuji said, anticipating the question. “This is play. Not punishment. We’ll deal with that transgression later.”

Ryoma frowned. “But-”

Fuji held a finger against Ryoma’s lips. “Watching you match wits with my father turned me on, Ryu-chan. I feel like playing. Don’t ruin it.”

Ryoma ducked his head. “As you wish, Syu.”

Fuji smiled. Ryoma was adorable when he submitted. “Hold your arms out,” he said. As Ryoma obeyed, Fuji began placing clothespins along the undersides of his lover’s arm, relishing every pained gasp Ryoma made when the pins settled into place.

When he finished lining Ryoma’s arms, each one sported eleven pins each. “Clasp your hands behind your back,” Fuji said, “but don’t knock any of them off.”

Ryoma’s eyes widened. He moved his arms slowly–agonizingly so–until he could do what Fuji had asked. The pins pulled and pinched against his skin as he moved and he panted with the effort it took to obey.

Fuji swallowed at the sight before him. Watching Ryoma submit, watching him sit there and just take whatever Fuji chose to dish out–it was almost too much. Fuji shuddered and took a few calming breaths. He was nowhere near done.

Once Ryoma was settled with his arms clasped behind him, Fuji pulled out more clothespins. He planned to decorate his lover’s entire body with the pins. Once that was done–he hid a smirk. The pain Ryoma was feeling now was nothing compared to what he was planning.

Fuji rolled the nubs of Ryoma’s nipples between his fingers, twisting them as hard as he could. The pain made the freshman jump, but when he did that, the pins on his arms pinched him and Ryoma panted with the effort of holding back his pain noises.

Watching Ryoma struggle against the pain enticed Fuji to do it again. So he twisted harder–so hard Ryoma had no choice but to arc up into the pain. No choice but to move and cause himself more pain. Fuji’s eyes lit up as he repeated the motion, not stopping the cruel onslaught until perspiration had broken out on Ryoma’s forehead.

He smiled. Now that he’d gotten Ryoma’s attention, adding more clothespins to the sensitive areas of his body seemed a good way to keep it. He clipped six pins around the outside of each of Ryoma’s nipples and one on each nub. Once the nub pins were in place, he flicked them both as hard as he could, moving in for a heated kiss to mute his lover’s scream.

When he pulled back from the kiss, there were tears at the corners of Ryoma’s eyes. Satisfaction thrilled through him. “We’re not done yet,” he said. He reached down and grabbed Ryoma’s balls firmly between his hands. “Kneel up.”

Ryoma shuddered as he obeyed, causing himself more pain as he moved. “Please, Syu,” he begged. He wasn’t even sure if he was begging for more or for it to stop. The sensations Fuji were inducing in his body were intense.

Fuji chuckled. “Soon, Ryu-chan,” he said. Once Ryoma was in an extended kneel, Fuji placed three clothespins on each one of his lover’s balls. All six placements forced a yip of pain from the freshman. Once he was done, he knelt back on his heels and took in the man kneeling before him.

Ryoma quivered before him, but made no move to dislodge any of the pins Fuji had placed on his body. The trust Ryoma placed in him flooded him with arousal. Seeing his lover spread out before him, enduring the pain Fuji had inflicted simply for the sake of pleasing his lover–desire burned through him.

Fuji undressed, the need to be in Ryoma winning out over the desire to watch Ryoma’s agony unfold before him. But Fuji’d planned ahead for this; the clothes pins would stay on while he fucked Ryoma. He didn’t have to sacrifice seeing Ryoma writhe in agony in order to lose himself in the pleasure of sex.

“Place your hands on the floor and bend over,” Fuji said.

Ryoma shook as he obeyed, moving slowly so that he didn’t dislodge any of the pins. He didn’t want to invite punishment during play, especially not during such agonizingly sweet pain play.

Fuji prepared Ryoma quickly, but thoroughly, before sheathing himself inside his lover. He groaned at the tight feel of Ryoma’s muscles clenching around his cock and had to take a minute to calm himself down so he didn’t come too soon. “Ryu-chan,” he said, voice taking on a sweet timbre that sounded wrong on him.

Ryoma tensed under him. That tone couldn’t mean anything good. “Yes, Syuusuke?” he asked, trying to prepare himself for what was coming.

“You know how we were talking about your punishment for disrespecting me earlier?” Fuji asked, tone still sickly sweet.

Ryoma swallowed. “Yes?”

Fuji leaned down so that his lips were beside Ryoma’s ear. “You can’t come from this,” he said, delivering the words in a deadly whisper. “Understand?”

Ryoma’s arms threatened to give out. This was the most intense pain play they’d ever done! And he wasn’t allowed to come from it? He closed his eyes against the despair that threatened to consume him. “Yes, Syuusuke,” he managed.

The first thrust snapped Ryoma’s eyes wide open. Fuji wasn’t being gentle. The pace he set was a brutal, fast pace that threatened to dislodge every clothespin on Ryoma’s body during every thrust. The pain was phenomenal.

Ryoma whimpered. He’d been hoping that he could go passive during this part so that he didn’t have to worry about controlling himself, but Fuji wasn’t going to allow him that. Of course he wasn’t. Fuji was too much of a sadist for that. Being denied an orgasm from pain this intense was the worst punishment Ryoma’d ever received. He whimpered again. Knowing he deserved the punishment made it that much more difficult to accept.

Fuji thrust a final time and spilled himself in his lover. Spent, he pulled out and went into the bathroom to clean himself off and left Ryoma in the floor, clothespins still forcing pained whimpers. He returned to Ryoma. Without any warning, he began unclipping the pins from his lover’s skin, relishing the yips his lover made when the pins came off the more sensitive areas.

After Fuji removed the clothespins from Ryoma’s balls, he took Ryoma’s hard cock in hand. “I’m proud of you,” he said. And he was. Since Ryoma found pain sexually stimulating, that he’d been able to keep from orgasming spoke to the strong sense of loyalty he had towards Fuji.

Ryoma smiled weakly. It had been the hardest thing he’d ever done. His body ached from the denial and it was only knowing that Fuji would deliver an even harsher punishment for disobedience that kept him from reaching down and jerking himself off.

Fuji watched as the thought of self-satisfaction crossed Ryoma’s mind. “If you can keep your hands off of this,” he said, squeezing his lover’s cock and forcing a gasp out of him, “for the next two days, I’ll introduce you to electric play. And I’ll let you come as many times as you want.”

Ryoma’s eyes went wide. Electric play? The idea enticed him. And if all it took to earn a session was keeping his hands off his cock for two days–he smiled. It was times like this that showed him how deep Fuji’s feelings for him truly ran. “Okay,” he said. “You’re on.”

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