Chapter 15

Chapter Fifteen

“I’m not sure about this,” Saeki said, his gaze flicking from the control in his hand, then to Ryoma. “It’s kind of sudden.”

Fuji pulled back from where he was laying across Saeki’s shoulder so he could meet his friend’s eyes. “I’m not making this offer lightly,” he said.

Saeki’s hand tightened on the control in his hand, his eyes locked on Fuji. “Your offers,” he said, “tend to come with conditions.”

He had a point, but Fuji didn’t take the bait. He walked over to Ryoma and slid his arm around his lover’s waist, pulling the freshman close. Ryoma leaned into his touch, his eyes fluttering closed as he allowed himself to enjoy the attention.

The next time Saeki spoke, his tone was near a hiss. “What are you asking from me?”

Fuji hid a smirk in Ryoma’s hair. Manipulating Saeki was almost too easy; it was obvious the guy was sex-starved. Which, in retrospect, was weird. Even when they were younger, Saeki had always had avid fans. Fuji wondered if something had happened to make that change, then had to hide a wince. He’d happened.

Ryoma straightened his shoulders and took a step forward, out of Fuji’s hold. “We’re asking you to make a choice,” he said.

Saeki’s gaze flicked between them. “A choice?” he asked, fingers turning white from the grip he had on the edge of the control.

“Yes,” Fuji said, putting himself back into the conversation. “Do you want to be with us and have the opportunity to use things like that-” he gestured to the control- “or do you want to wait and hope you find the “right” person?”

Saeki swallowed and looked down at the control in his hand. “I don’t know,” he said softly. “How am I supposed to trust that there’s no catch to this?”

“The only catch,” Fuji said, “is that I’m in charge.” And that wasn’t a catch; they all knew it. Saeki could easily best Fuji in a fight, but wouldn’t ever directly challenge him again. Not with the shame he felt towards their past. And Ryoma-well, he already knew his place. But with Saeki…to say something like this out loud to him, rather than letting it lie as a nonverbal understanding between them-that was the risk here.

Saeki held Fuji’s gaze for as long as he could, before dropping his eyes. The tight grip he had on the control loosened and color began returning to his hands. “I can accept that,” he said, his tone low.

“Are you saying yes?” Fuji asked, hiding his smile. He’d already won; he’d won before the conversation even started. But Saeki hadn’t known that; he had yet to put his defeat in words.

“I’m saying yes,” Saeki said, raising his head. He flinched lightly at the smile on Fuji’s face, but didn’t comment. If he was angry, there was no indication. And that was fine. That was Saeki. He didn’t express his emotions easily, and never when he knew it wasn’t going to do him any good.

“Okay,” Fuji said, changing the subject. “If you’re not going to use that control, give it back to me.”

Saeki’s gaze settled on Ryoma, but when he spoke, he was addressing Fuji. “I’d like to use it, but I don’t know the rules he’s supposed to follow. I won’t use it without provocation.”

And that, right there, was Saeki all over. Fuji smiled. “Ryu-chan,” he said.


“Why don’t you tell Sae-kun how this works?”

Ryoma swallowed, but nodded, then walked to Saeki. He grabbed Saeki’s hand, placing it against the collar on his throat. “This is used for discipline,” he said, voice quiet. “I follow only two rules: to obey Syuusuke and to be respectful of him. Since you accepted his offer to join us, I am giving you the same rights over me as I have given to him.”

Saeki’s breathing hitched as he studied the freshman. “What does that include?” he asked.

Ryoma flushed, but managed not to drawl the next time he spoke. Being disrespectful now would not only earn him a severe punishment, but would also make it more difficult for Saeki to find his place in their new arrangement. “You tell me what to do,” he said, “and have the right to punish me if I disobey.”

“It’s that simple?” Saeki said.

Fuji spoke up. “I am also sharing his body with you, Sae-kun, in case you misunderstood my offer.”

Saeki raised an eyebrow at Ryoma. “Is that true?”

Ryoma flushed again, but nodded.

“And you’re okay with him just sharing you on a whim?” There was no judgment in Saeki’s voice, but there wouldn’t be-not with his ability to hide his emotions.

“Hai,” Ryoma said. “But it isn’t on a whim. If it were anyone but you, he would kill them.”

Saeki’s eyes widened as his gaze flew to Fuji. “Is that true?” he asked.

Fuji held Saeki’s gaze as he gave a slow, sharp nod. “You are the only person who I can watch with Ryoma without wanting to hurt them for daring to touch what belongs to me.”

Saeki swallowed hard.

“And Sae-kun?” Fuji’s voice held an edge.

“Yes, Syu?”

“I will be that protective over you, too.”

Saeki nodded in acknowledgment, refocusing on the freshman in front of him, who still held Sae’s hand to the collar. “You’ll do anything I tell you?” he asked.

“Anything within reason,” Ryoma said. “You have a responsibility to keep me safe from harm.”

Saeki’s eyes narrowed. “That you have to tell me that must mean someone abused you in the past.”

Ryoma flinched. How had Saeki seen through him so clearly? He averted his eyes and nodded once.

Saeki lifted Ryoma’s chin, forcing the freshman to meet his eyes. “I won’t,” he said, putting every ounce of feeling he could behind it. “But I am not a nice man.”

Ryoma’s lips quirked. “If I wanted nice,” he said. “I wouldn’t be with Syu.”

Saeki chuckled. “No, I don’t suppose you would.” That said, he moved his hand back down to the collar around Ryoma’s throat. “Syu-kun, do you have any preference on how this is used? Because I have an idea.”

Ryoma’s eyes widened at the glint in Saeki’s eyes and he fought against the urge to step backward. Fuji came up behind him and wrapped him in a hug. “Mm, the collar? Don’t go past eight, but you can use it however you’d like.”

“Why eight?” Saeki asked.

“It’s the most he can handle,” Fuji said. “I tried different levels, but eight is the only one that brings him to his knees.” Ryoma trembled in his arms and Fuji knew he was scared, but excited, about how Saeki would use the collar on him.

“What did the different levels do?”

“Well, 1 and 2 are useless. They don’t even make him stutter. Four makes him pause. Six disorients him very slightly, and eight drops him to the ground.”

“You didn’t test the other settings?”

Ryoma shook with silent laughter. “He felt they were too weak,” he said.

“Because they are.” Fuji pressed hard against Ryoma’s ribcage. “Aren’t they?”

Ryoma winced at the tightness of his lover’s grip. Trying to draw a breath with Fuji hurting him was difficult. “Yes, Syuusuke,” he gasped, relief stark on his face when the pressure let up.

“Is he always so disrespectful?” Saeki asked.

Fuji smirked. “Sa, it’s Ryu-chan. Of course he is.”

“Hey! I’m right-” Ryoma fell silent as two sets of eyes turned his way. He ducked his head. “Gomen.”

Fuji chuckled. Sharing power over Ryoma with Saeki was going to be interesting. Saeki’s sense of respect and courtesy was much stronger than Fuji’s own. Because of that, Fuji had a feeling that his friend’s method of discipline would work better on Ryoma than his own, since his own discipline consisted of waiting until Ryoma took things too far before administering it. Saeki wasn’t that kind of person.

“You said four shocks him, but doesn’t disorient him?” Saeki asked.


“And eight punishes?”


Saeki nodded and tucked the control in his pocket. “Then I know how I want to use it. But we should find a restaurant soon.”

“Do you have anything in mind?” Fuji asked.

Saeki shook his head. “Somewhere private would be preferable.”

“I know a place,” Fuji said. “It’s traditional food. That ok with everyone?” At the two nods he received, he turned and began walking, smiling when he felt the other two settle into a pace behind him. “How do you plan to use it?”

“Often,” Saeki said. Both of them turned when they heard Ryoma’s footsteps falter. “Something wrong?”

Ryoma shook his head and resumed his pace. “It just took me by surprise,” he said.

“No objections?”


“Okay,” Saeki said. “When I use this, it’ll be on four because of how often I’ll need to use it. You’re disrespectful and I don’t like it.”

“I’m disrespectful?” Ryoma asked, shock coloring his tone.

“Yes,” Fuji said, not missing a beat. “You are.”

“How?” Ryoma asked. “I thought I did pretty good.” The disappointment in his voice was hard to miss.

Saeki noticed it and his face softened.

Fuji spoke up. “Don’t go soft on him because he’s down on himself. Ryoma knows that we’re here to help him improve in areas he can’t see he needs improvement in. If you go soft on him, you’re doing him a disservice.”

Saeki frowned at Fuji’s back, disquieted by the tensai’s ability to always know what he was thinking. “Ok,” he said, before turning back to Ryoma. “You often drop the honorifics in your speech and you are quick to interrupt others’ conversation. Every time you do either tonight, I will use the collar.”

Ryoma ducked his head, saying nothing.

Saeki continued. “If I feel there are other things you are doing that are disrespectful, I will tell you and add that to the list of rules you need to follow to properly demonstrate respect. Do you understand?”

Ryoma nodded. “Hai, Saeki-san.”

Saeki smiled, reaching out to give Ryoma a quick hug. “Any questions?”

“I have one,” Fuji said.


“How many times are you going to give him the 4 shock for the same transgression before increasing the level?”

Saeki shrugged, despite knowing Fuji couldn’t see it. “Three times at that level, then three at six, and if that doesn’t get the message across, I’ll hold it at 8 for ten seconds.”

Ryoma blanched, but didn’t lose his footing. Enduring one second at eight had been bad enough; he didn’t want to imagine ten.

“Sounds reasonable,” Fuji said. “But I’m adding another rule.”

Ryoma tensed. If Fuji was adding a rule, things were going to get difficult.

“What rule is that?” Saeki asked.

“For the duration of the night,” Fuji said. “He’s not allowed to make eye contact with either of us.”

Saeki gasped. “That rule is almost a guarantee he’ll fail.”

Ryoma smirked, keeping his eyes focused on the ground. “It is why he set the rule, Saeki-san.”

Saeki’s attention turned back to Ryoma. “What do you mean?”

“I told you before, didn’t I?” Ryoma said. “Syuusuke-san is not a nice man.”

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