Chapter 16

Chapter Sixteen

Once the three of them were alone in a private room, Fuji snapped his fingers and pointed at the floor. He didn’t often require Ryoma to play the role of a full submissive, but this was a special occasion. They had invited a third person to share their life and that warranted following proper protocol.

Ryoma was thinking along the same lines because he sank to his knees without protest or hesitation, which caused Fuji to raise an eyebrow. He knew that his lover treated situations involving power dynamics with the respect they deserved–at least, when Fuji was there to watch him–but this was the first time he’d ever seen Ryoma sink to his knees without some sort of token protestation.

Fuji’s eyes flicked to the collar around his lover’s neck, then to Saeki. If it wasn’t the collar making Ryoma behave, then it was the way Saeki had highlighted the way he planned to use it. If he planned to use it. Fuji still wasn’t a hundred percent sure that Saeki would use it.

Saeki…it was hard to know where to start. The man was his best friend–or used to be. But he wasn’t the same person that Fuji had known as a kid. He’d acquired an air of quiet confidence, similar in ways to the confidence Fuji himself exuded, but less reactive. Saeki’s temperament was more even now than Fuji’s, and that was likely to remain the same. Fuji had an explosive temper; Saeki had always been slow to anger.

Luckily, Fuji no longer found gratification in expressing his anger physically. He preferred the long-term approach; tearing people apart was much more effective. Saeki, on the other hand, wasn’t the kind to break someone apart out of anger. He was more likely to break someone down and build them back up stronger than they had been before.

Fuji shook his head; this could wait. Right now, he had to get used to the idea of Saeki as a lover. Because he hadn’t made the offer in jest; Saeki’s sleek, powerful build topped by his gorgeous silver hair was close to irresistible. The only thing that had been staying his hand was the idea that Ryoma would object. And if he had, Fuji would have resisted the temptation. Ryoma’s feelings mattered to him more than he was comfortable admitting, even to himself.

“Saeki, do you understand what you’ve agreed to by accepting our proposal?” Fuji asked, treating his friend-turned-lover with an open-eyed assessment.

Saeki returned the look with one of his own. “Yes,” he said, “I do.”

“Then explain it to me,” Fuji said.

Saeki swallowed against a retort, took a deep breath, and nodded. “Okay. You’re in charge of both of us”- he included Ryoma in a broad sweep of his hand- “and I’m in charge of Ryoma. I’m assuming if you tell him to do something and I tell him to do the opposite, that your words are the ones that matter.”

Fuji gave a slow nod. “But,” he said. “That doesn’t mean Ryoma can get away with playing with us.” He eyed his kneeling lover. “But make no mistake, Sae, he will try to play us.”

Ryoma tugged his hat down to cover his smirk. “Che,” he muttered. Then he jumped, his hand going to his throat.

Fuji smiled to himself. Looked like Saeki had the courage to use the collar after all.

Saeki turned toward Ryoma and sank into crouch, lifting the freshman’s chin. Ryoma kept his eyes lowered, so that he didn’t meet Saeki’s gaze, but it wasn’t an easy thing to do. Saeki’s tight grip on his chin made it even more difficult. “I can tell that neither one of you thought I’d be willing to use this–” he flicked the collar lightly with his other hand-“so readily. I hope you understand now that I don’t say things I don’t intend to carry through with.”

Ryoma swallowed hard. “Hai, Saeki-san. Gomen nasai.”

Saeki held Ryoma in that awkward, vulnerable position for a few more seconds before giving a light nod. “That was your first warning. Don’t interrupt again.”

Ryoma ducked his head. “Hai, Saeki-san.”

Fuji chuckled. He hadn’t expected Saeki to use it so easily, but it eased a huge burden off his shoulders. Having a second disciplinarian for Ryoma was one of the best things Saeki was bringing to the relationship. Frankly, Ryoma was too much for any one man to handle.

Saeki whirled around and placed himself boldly in Fuji’s personal space, forcing the tensai to take a step backward, a scowl coming over his face. “Back off,” he said, the words terse.

Saeki took a deep breath, not backing off, before speaking. “You may be in charge here, Syu-kun, but you don’t have the right to toy with me. I know you too well. And you gave me the remote to that collar expecting me to fail when it came time for me to push the button. So what’s the deal, Syu? Am I just another tool for you to use?”

Fuji blinked. That was the most he’d heard Saeki say in a long time. He stepped back and placed a hand on Saeki’s arm, admitting–in his own way–that Saeki had won the argument. “You’re not a tool. But this conversation needs to wait. Look,” he said, motioning with his head towards Ryoma, who was trembling.

Saeki closed his eyes, taking another deep breath, and nodded. “I’m sorry, Ryu-chan. I didn’t mean to upset you.”

Ryoma bobbed his head, acknowledging the apology. He didn’t like it when the people he cared for fought with one another. It reminded him too much of how he’d grown up. There was a reason his mother and father lived in different countries.

Fuji cleared his throat, drawing both his lovers’ attention. Ryoma’s eyes focused on Fuji’s feet–he clearly remembered the rule Fuji had set. It made Fuji smile. “The one thing we didn’t talk about, but which I’m sure you understood,” Fuji said, ‘is that punishment and discipline are part of this relationship.”

“I understand that,” Saeki said, brow furrowing. He couldn’t figure out where the conversation was going.

“Well,” Fuji said. “When you agreed to listen to me, you also agreed to take punishment from me when I deem it appropriate.”

Saeki froze, his eyes going wide. His already pale skin begin to go pale. “I did?” he asked, voice a terse whisper.

“You did,” Fuji said firmly.

“I…what kind of punishment are we talking about?” Saeki asked. “I’m not good with pain.”

Fuji laughed. “Punishment isn’t supposed to be something you’re good with,” he said. “I don’t punish Ryoma with pain very often because he’s such a hardcore masochist. I think a good spanking or a few belt lashes would do wonders for you as punishment, since you don’t enjoy pain at all.”

“Che,” Ryoma said. “We didn’t discuss the kind of punishments that work well on me.” His hand flew to his throat again as the collar buzzed.

“That was twice,” Saeki said. “The next time won’t be a warning.”

Ryoma blanched and ducked his head. “Gomen nasai.”

“So,” Saeki went on, acting like nothing unusual had happened. “Is there no other option besides physical punishment?”

Fuji shook his head. “Not for you. It will be the most effective.”

Saeki nodded. “Okay,” he said. “I accept.”

“Good,” Fuji said, “since you’re due for one.”

Saeki swallowed hard. “For arguing with you,” he whispered, hands clenching into fists by his sides.

“No,” Fuji corrected, “For disobeying me so that you could argue with me. I distinctly remember telling you to back off.”

“Oh,” Saeki said, flushing. “So I’m not in trouble for arguing?”

Fuji laughed. “No. I’m not interested in breaking you, Sae-kun. I’m interested in being with you. I don’t break toys I intend to play with.”

“So I am a toy,” Saeki said, quirking a grin.

“So is Ryoma,” Fuji said. “Ask him if he cares.”

Ryoma tilted his head and grinned. “Toys have good lives when they belong to Syuusuke-san, Saeki-san. I suggest you give it a try.”

Saeki’s gaze flickered between the two of them before he let a slow grin cross his face too. “Ah hell,” he said. “Why not?”

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