Chapter 04

The three of them spent the rest of the afternoon avoiding further discussion of Sora and the underground. Eleven rolled around and an unspoken agreement rose between them that Ryoma and Saeki would be spending the night.

Fuji let his lovers get comfortable, sandwiching Ryoma between him and Saeki. Each of them shared a chaste kiss before Fuji flipped off the lamp on his bedside table. He laid in the dark, muscles tense, as he waited for the others to fall asleep. He counted seconds and listened to the sound of their breathing rise and fall.

As he waited, he stared at his digital clock. Twenty minutes passed, then thirty. It wasn’t until an hour had passed that he heard Ryoma’s breathing even out. Saeki was still awake, but he could handle that. Saeki knew better than to follow him to where he needed to go.

Fuji inched out of the covers, careful not to wake Ryoma. While the freshman tended towards deep sleep, Fuji would still wake him if he jostled him on his way out of bed. Although it was dark, he felt Saeki’s eyes on his back as he got dressed in the dark. He’d laid out the clothes he needed to visit Sora while Saeki had been lecturing Ryoma. If he had to meet an assassin on her own turf, he would make sure he the part.

He edged the door open and glanced back at Saeki, whose face was illuminated by the soft light of the hallway. Making a quick decision, Fuji nodded his head toward the hall. There was time for a quick conversation before he left. Plus, it was a good policy to make sure there was someone who knew where he was going.

Saeki frowned at him, but carefully dislodged himself from Ryoma’s side. The freshman grumbled and Saeki froze. Fuji’s heart caught in his chest. A minute passed without Ryoma making any more noise and he breathed in silent relief as Saeki managed to leave the bed.

The two of them tiptoed downstairs before they dared to speak. Fuji didn’t want to risk Ryoma waking up. Having the freshman attempt to follow him to Purple Marz…he shuddered. Just imagining the trouble that would cause could give him nightmares.

“You going to Sora’s?” Saeki asked, keeping his tone at a whisper.

“Aa,” Fuji said. He motioned to his clothes. “Think these will work?”

Saeki raised an eyebrow. “You look like you rolled out of bed into the high rollers club. Am I right in thinking that’s a Fioraventi suit?”

“Aa. Do you think it’s too much?” Fuji frowned down at the black suit. It had been made on site, like most Fioraventi Bespoke suits, but maybe he had overdressed.

“No,” Saeki said. “You have a reputation in the underground. If you don’t look respectable when you go to meet someone like Sora, whose reputation is stronger than yours, she may take it as an insult. But you already know all this. Nervous?”

Fuji nodded once. That was all the concession he was willing to give. “Showing Sora respect is less important than intimidating everyone else.”

“Oh,” Saeki said, stunned by the implication of Fuji dressing in order to intimidate people. Normally, his personality was enough.

“I’ll try to be back before morning. If I’m not, don’t tell Ryoma where I went. I don’t want to upset him,” Fuji said. He didn’t think Ryoma would be able to handle that he hadn’t been woken up and made privy to this conversation.

Saeki frowned. “If you keep him in the dark like this, you might lose him.”

Fuji smiled tolerantly. Although Saeki made a good point, it wasn’t his place to decide what Fuji’s best course of action was in regards to Ryoma. “Keep your thoughts to yourself, Sae-kun. I’m not so far gone in my nervousness that I can’t discipline you for overstepping your bounds.”

Saeki’s shoulders tensed and he dropped his eyes. “Hai, Syuusuke-san. Gomen.”

Fuji let a full minute pass before he spoke, enjoying the way Saeki squirmed as he waited for a response. “Don’t do it again,” he said. “And keep my midnight rendezvous with Sora to yourself.”


Fuji pulled Saeki into a hug. Saeki stood there, stunned, for a few seconds before he realized what was happening and hugged Fuji back. “I will be back my morning, Sae. If I’m not, call my father.”

“Hai. And Ryoma?” Saeki asked, his gaze averted and focused on the floor. He was taking Fuji’s admonishment to heart.

Fuji frowned. “If I’m not back by noon tomorrow, you can tell him then.” His eyes narrowed. “But only then.”

“Hai.” Saeki kept his eyes focused firmly on the ground. Challenging Fuji here would do nothing.

“Go back to bed, Saeki. There’s nothing you can do from here. I have to face Sora on my own.” Let’s just hope she doesn’t ask me to do something too insane.

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