Chapter 20

Ryoma gave Saeki a knowing smirk as he walked into Syuusuke’s bedroom. “Finally earned a spanking, Sae-san?” he asked, teasing.

“Mm,” Saeki said. He crossed the room to where Ryoma sat on the edge of Syu’s bed and stopped about a foot in front of him.

Ryoma leaned back, rested his weight on his hands, and waited.

Saeki grinned. He leaned forward and slid his hands under Ryoma’s shirt, grabbed his lover’s nipples and twisted each one, hard, in opposite directions.

Ryoma gasped, the sound turning into a moan as Saeki didn’t release his harsh hold. He dug his nails into the blanket underneath him, struggling not to pull away.

Saeki twisted Ryoma’s nipples in the other direction and smiled tolerantly as his lover’s eyes fluttered closed. “Keep your eyes open, Ryoma.”

“Hai, Saeki-san.” Ryoma forced his eyes open and focused his gaze on Saeki. Desire burned in his lover’s eyes; the strength of it pulled another moan from Ryoma’s lips. “Please,” he said, with no idea what he was asking for.

Saeki closed the distance between them. He nudged Ryoma’s legs with his knee and Ryoma wrapped his legs around him. Saeki pressed himself into the heat of his lover’s body, grinding his cock against Ryoma’s.

Ryoma groaned at the contact, wanting more but not daring to try and wrestle control from Saeki. He wanted to use his legs, which were loosely wrapped around Saeki, to pull the man even closer to him, but he knew from experience that the moment he did that, Saeki would pull away entirely.

Ryoma fisted the blanket behind him, struggling not to take more than he was being given. “Please,” he said, the word turning into a moan.

Saeki ground against him, both of them still fully clothed, and twisted Ryoma’s nipples hard. Leaning down so his face was at the same level of Ryoma’s, he slid his tongue between Ryoma’s lips. He licked his way around his lover’s mouth, pleased when Ryoma kept his own tongue still.

Ryoma whimpered low in his throat when Saeki assaulted his mouth. Learning to be passive while he was being kissed had taken him a long time, but Saeki refused to kiss him at all if he didn’t submit properly. While Syuusuke enjoyed battling him for dominance during a kiss, Saeki wouldn’t put up with it. And Ryoma loved being kissed. He loved the way a tongue felt in his mouth. He loved how intimate the act was. But Saeki had denied him that intimacy for weeks on end until he’d learned to be passive while they kissed.

Ryoma trembled under the onslaught, wanting to move but dreading the consequences of doing so. He didn’t want it to end.

Saeki slid his tongue from Ryoma’s mouth and pulled his lover’s shirt up so that his nipples were exposed. He cupped one hand around Ryoma’s throat and grabbed the fleshy area around Ryoma’s abandoned nipple with his mouth. Without warning, he bit down, hard enough to leave indentations in his lover’s skin but not hard enough to break it.

“Fuck!” Ryoma yelled. He’d expected it, but the sharp pain made his back arch and he involuntarily tightened his legs around Saeki. When that happened, his lover stilled on top of him.

Saeki frowned at him. “That’s one,” he said.

Ryoma trembled. “I’m sorry, Saeki-sama,” he said. Please don’t stop, please don’t stop, please don’t stop. Ryoma forced his legs to go slack and he fought not to beg out loud; it wouldn’t do any good with that look in Saeki’s eyes.

Saeki smiled and resumed torturing Ryoma. He bit down hard on the same place and twisted Ryoma’s other nipple as he ground his cock into his lover’s. Ryoma groaned and Saeki felt his lover’s thighs tense around him, but Ryoma managed to keep himself from pulling Saeki towards him. “Good boy,” he said.

“I see you’ve started without me,” Syuusuke said.

Saeki turned his head and grinned at Syu, who stood just inside the entrance to his room. “You’re done, then?”

Syuusuke nodded. “I’ve set everything I needed to in motion.”

“Care to join us, then?” Saeki asked. “Ryoma is being deliciously well-behaved today.”

Syuusuke grinned. “I’m sure he is. It’s only been what? Two weeks since the last time he came?”

“Three, Syu-sama,” Ryoma said, gasping at a particularly vicious thrust of Saeki’s hips.

“Perhaps we should make it four,” Saeki suggested.

Ryoma shuddered underneath him. “Please no,” he begged.

Syuusuke frowned. “I thought you said he was well-behaved,” he said.

“I may have spoken too soon.”

Ryoma trembled. “I’m sorry, Fuji-sama, Saeki-sama. If you wish to deny me another week, that is your right.” He whimpered as he lost all contact from Saeki as his lover stood up.

Syuusuke watched as Ryoma forced himself to stillness by bunching the blanket into his firsts, fighting the urge to follow Saeki up in order to reclaim contact from him.

“Look at you,” Syuusuke said. “Your body is begging to be touched. I bet every touch is like fire to you right now.”

Ryoma whimpered. “Hai, Syu-sama, it is.”

Syuusuke grinned. “Sae, undress him. Make him struggle to stay still.”

“With pleasure,” Saeki said, voice husky with desire. “Lift your arms, Ryoma.” When the freshman obeyed, Saeki slid the shirt slowly up Ryoma’s arms, inching it off and leaning down to claim a kiss at the same time. Ryoma keened low in his throat; staying still while his arms were in the air was almost impossible.

Once the shirt was removed, Saeki slid his hands down to Ryoma’s pants. “You can put your hands down now,” he said. He slipped the button on Ryoma’s jeans with practiced ease and grabbed the edges of his lover’s pants and boxers. “Lift your hips.”

Saeki slid the pants and boxers down to Ryoma’s knees and crouched in front of his lover. He leaned forward and slid Ryoma’s cock into his mouth in agonizing slowness. He pushed the pants down to Ryoma’s ankles and off him while twirling his tongue around the base of his lover’s cock.

“Fuck!” Ryoma said above him, panting with the effort of staying still. Saeki’s mouth wrapped around his cock was always an intense experience; he wanted to thrust but he knew that would guarantee he’d lose any chance he might have to cum.

“Enough,” Syuusuke said, voice rough with desire.

Saeki stepped back from Ryoma at the order and waited.

“Get undressed, Sae,” Syuusuke said. “I want to watch Ryoma ride you while I grind against him, knowing that he can’t get off.”

“Hai, Syu-sama,” Saeki said, peeling off his clothes. He opened the drawer where they kept the lube and slicked himself up, then handed the tube to Ryoma. “Prepare yourself,” he said.

Ryoma whimpered and took the tube. He hated how turned on it made him to have to prepare himself for his lovers. He turned over on the bed, bracing himself on his knees, and reached behind himself with one hand. Spread wide for his lovers, he smeared the lube the best he could on his own, using a liberal amount.

“You’re so beautiful like that,” Saeki said. “So openly debauched for us.” He sat down on the edge of the bed.

“He really is,” Syuusuke said. “Ryoma, impale yourself on Saeki’s cock.”

“Hai, Syu-sama.” Ryoma moved off the bed and went to Saeki. He slowly lowered himself onto his lover’s cock, legs trembling with the effort it took to keep himself standing. He gasped as Saeki’s cock hit the tight ring of muscles and forced himself to go lower. Forced himself all the way down until he could feel Saeki’s thighs underneath his. It was only then that Saeki wrapped his arms around Ryoma’s waist; only then that his lover began to help him support his weight.

Syuusuke, who’d undressed himself as he watched his lovers, moved over to them and placed himself in-between Ryoma’s legs, grinding their cocks together. The motion drew a whimper from Ryoma and he grinned. “Remember, Ryoma,” he said. “You can’t cum from this.”

“Hai, Syu-sama,” Ryoma said, breathless.

Syuusuke drew Saeki into a kiss across their lover’s head. “You can set the pace, Saeki. I want you to cum at least two times by the end of the night.”

Saeki grinned. “I think I can manage that,” he said. He lifted his hips and slammed into Ryoma, setting a brutally fast pace. That pace forced Ryoma into a fast grind against Syuusuke’s cock.

Ryoma trembled, moaning from the onslaught of pleasure coming from two directions. Every thrust felt like two, as Saeki’s deep penetration forced his cock to grind against Syuusuke’s. He wanted to come so badly, but it was forbidden him and he knew that at the pace his lovers had set it would be all too easy to disobey them and cum when he wanted.

“Please please please,” Ryoma begged, incoherent with need. “Fuck I’m close,” he said.

His lovers stilled themselves immediately and he keened with the loss, panting with the effort it took to pull himself back from the brink.

Saeki and Syuusuke waited a full minute before they resumed their brutal pace and Ryoma whimpered at how far away his orgasm seemed. And at how close it could be, if only they’d let him have it.

Saeki thrust hard a final time and came deep inside him. Syuusuke smiled at the blissed out expression on Saeki’s face, then chuckled at the contrast between Saeki’s expression and Ryoma’s pained one. “Good job, Ryoma,” he said. He pulled away from Ryoma and sat down beside Saeki on the bed. “Now use your mouth and get me off.”

“Hai, Syu-sama.” Ryoma slid off Saeki’s cock with a wet plop and knelt between Syuusuke’s legs. He took Syu’s cock in his mouth and deep-throated him, sucking hard. Using his tongue in combination with the sucking, he brought Syuusuke off in under a minute, then knelt back with his hands folded behind him.

Syuusuke nudged Ryoma’s hard cock with a foot. “How does it feel to be the only one without relief?” he asked.

“It hurts, Syu-sama,” Ryoma said, swallowing.

“It looks like it hurts,” Syuusuke said. And it did. Ryoma’s cock was red, swollen with need. “I like how you look right now.”

The three of them spent the next ten minutes in silence. Syuusuke and Saeki reovered from their first orgasm, while Ryoma struggled to keep his hands off his cock.

“Ready for round two?” Syuusuke asked.

Saeki grinned. “Of course.”

“This time, Sae, I want you to ride me. And Ryoma, you’ll be receiving Sae’s cock on each thrust. We’ve both already gotten off, so I’m not going to rush and you aren’t allowed to speed us up. I expect your throat to be raw by the time we finish, understand?”

“Hai, Syu-sama.”

Syuusuke lathered himself with lube and prepared Saeki to receive him. Sitting up, he pulled Saeki in front of him and guided his lover onto his cock slowly. Once Saeki was situated, he motioned Ryoma forward. Ryoma took Saeki’s cock into his mouth, wrapping his lips around his teeth, and relaxed his throat.

Syuusuke smiled at the scene in front of him. Ryoma, aching from denied orgasm and his skin flush with need, painted an obscene picture as he waited for Saeki’s cock to make its way down his throat.

Syuusuke set a languid pace, enjoying the slow build-up of tension in his stomach. He ran his hands across Sae’s body and Ryoma’s face, pulling Sae into lazy kisses every so often. He watched as Ryoma struggled to stay still, watched the build-up of frustration in his younger lover’s body as tears that pooled in his eyes.

Thirty minutes passed before Syuusuke felt the urgency to cum begin to build. Ryoma, at this point, was desperate, and tears were streaming silently down his face. The sight took Syuusuke’s breath away. That pained expression was delicious. He increased his pace, seeking release with a single-minded relentlessness. “Come with me, Saeki,” he said.

“Hai, Syu-sama,” Saeki said.

The fast pace he’d set drove Syu over the edge and Saeki came down Ryoma’s throat at the same time, his muscles clenching around Syu’s cock and milking him for all he was worth.

“That was amazing,” Saeki said. He brushed hair out of Ryoma’s eyes. “Did you swallow it all?” he asked.

Ryoma nodded. “Hai, Sae-sama,” he said, voice hoarse.

“And your throat is raw, like I said,” Syuusuke said. “You’ve been so good today, Ryoma. I think I’m going to let you cum, after all.”

Ryoma’s eyes filled with desperate hope that took Syu’s breath. “Really, Syu-sama?”

“Yes,” Syuusuke said. “You’ve earned it.”

“Thank you, Syu-sama,” Ryoma said.


“Hai, Syu-sama?”

“Use your mouth and get him off. I think he deserves your talent.”

Saeki smiled. “Sounds good to me. Ryoma, come up here so Syu can hold you while I get you off.”

Ryoma didn’t have to be told twice. He scrambled onto the bed and molded himself against Syuusuke’s side. Syu chuckled and hooked his arm behind Ryoma, pulling his young lover closer to him. He turned his head and drew Ryoma into a long, lazy kiss, tasting Saeki’s cum on his lips.

Ryoma whimpered at the contact and Saeki chose that moment to slide Ryoma’s cock into his mouth. Ryoma’s back arched at the contact and he moaned into Syuusuke’s mouth.

Saeki could have been merciful and gotten him off quickly, but Saeki was every bit as sadistic as Syuusuke. He edged Ryoma over and over, forcing their young lover to an incoherent babble of need.

“Please,” Ryoma begged. “Please please please please please please please.”

Saeki drew back every time Ryoma’s balls tightened, enjoying the mewling sounds that came from Ryoma’s lips when he was denied yet again.

He spent a good hour torturing Ryoma, bringing him to the brink over and over. He knew it was cruel when Syuusuke had promised to let Ryoma come, but it wasn’t too much for Ryoma to handle. They had safewords for a reason.

He wanted to keep teasing Ryoma, but his tongue was starting to cramp. So he edged Ryoma one last time and then deep-throated him, sucking hard, and the next time Ryoma hit the edge, he let him go over it. When he came, Saeki swallowed his lover’s cum and drew back with a smug grin.

“That,” Ryoma said, panting with the effort of speaking after such a mind-blowing orgasm, “was pure evil, Saeki-sama. You guys are so mean to me.”

Saeki chuckled. “Yeah, but you love it.”

Ryoma smiled. “I do. I love you both. What you do to me makes me crazy.”

Syuusuke laughed. “Love you, too, brat. Don’t expect to cum like that anytime soon, though.”

Saeki grinned. “Four weeks?” he asked.

Ryoma groaned and covered his face in his hands. “Fine,” he said, begrudgingly. “Four weeks.”

Saeki laughed. “I love you, Ryoma. Now let’s go to sleep.”

Syuusuke smiled. Having his lovers cuddled up to him after sex—well, there was just nothing better.

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