Familial Bonds

Finding Home and Hell Hotel are part of the Familial Bonds Series.

Finding Home: Angel finds Spike about to commit suicide and pulls him away from the brink by invoking Sire’s rights. He offers him a home and a chance to prove himself, something Spike has been aching for for over a century.

Hell Hotel: Although Spike is settling back into his life at Angel’s side, he’s still stuck in the hotel and bored out of his mind. He’s on his best behavior, trying to earn his right to fight by Angel’s side and not just grace his bed. Turns out, he shouldn’t have bothered. The hotel gets transported to a hell dimension with the crew trapped inside, so Angel has no choice but to let Spike fight. As the crew searches for a way to escape the hell dimension, Spike has to prove to Angel that he’s more than just a warm body. Angel has to accept that Spike is a hell of an asset in a fight. And they both have to accept that maybe there’s more to their relationship than the Sire/Childe bond that binds them together.

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