Summary: It’s Saturday and Ryoma is bored.

Ryoma couldn’t find anything to watch on television. He’d gone through the channels  five times now and there was nothing interesting. A tennis match caught his eye for five seconds until he realized it was a recap of a match he’d seen ten times already.

Then there were the preaching channels. What was the point of that? Talk about commercialized religion. He was perfectly happy as he was, a devout atheist. Thank you very much. No nonsense about the gods or a God or anything like that. Life was simple in that respect. You lived, you died. Why make a fuss about whether or not there was someone or something looking over you?

He sighed and clicked the power button. The news stories were all the same. He looked outside and frowned. Raining. He loved the weekend, because he got to spend it with Syuusuke. But this rain… he shook his head. There was nothing to do inside and nothing to do outside. Not that Syuusuke would let him play tennis, but if it had been sunny at least he could have gone for a walk.

Ryoma frowned at the clock. 9 am. Syuusuke was in his father’s study, talking about something, and had left him to find his own entertainment. The clock mocked him. Syuusuke had been with his father for two hours now. And the boredom wouldn’t stop.

Maybe I should leave, he thought, but dismissed it out of hand. Syuusuke would kill him. And while he liked pain, he didn’t like punishment and didn’t really feel a need to invite it on himself. I’m so bored. What the hell is taking so long?

He stared at the wall and folded his hands in his lap, sinking down into the couch. He couldn’t watch television—even the cartoons today were aggravating him. He couldn’t go outside because it was raining. Well, and because Syuusuke had made it clear that he was supposed to stay in the house. Annoying his lover was something he tried to avoid doing when possible. He racked his brain, trying to find anything at all that could help alleviate his boredom.

But no, nothing. His homework was done. He didn’t like to read. He was too active for that. He wanted to go outside and play a match to let out his energy, but couldn’t. God. Sometimes Ryoma hated it when Syuusuke exercised his dominance like this. And he suspected that it was a ploy on Syu’s part. There was no way Syuusuke hadn’t known his father would want to have a lengthy conversation.

So was this a test? Ryoma frowned. It was never easy to tell with Syu. Sometimes things that seemed like tests weren’t and others that seemed completely random were. The unpredictable nature of his lover was part of the reason they worked so well together. But really. Two hours. This was bordering on cruel. Ryoma was too fidgety to sit still this long.

“I can’t take it anymore,” Ryoma muttered. He stood up and stretched, then turned towards the door. If anything, he’d take a quick walk outside in the rain and be back before Syuusuke noticed he was gone. Mind made up, he made his way to the coat closet and slid on a guest poncho. The fact that Syuusuke’s family was definitely beneficial sometimes.

He was just about to unlock the door when a hand slid around his waist. “And where do you think you’re going?” Syuusuke asked, tone low.

Ryoma shrugged his shoulders. “Out,” he said, trying desperately to keep from flinching. If it had been a test, then he’d failed spectacularly.

Syuusuke chuckled behind him. “You really can’t sit still, can you, Ryu-chan?”

“Nope!” Ryoma said, his heart beating rapidly as he forced a cheerful tone he wasn’t sure was appropriate. If the two hours had been a test and he’d failed, then Syuusuke was getting ready to punish him. Dread of that situation mixed with hope that Syuusuke hadn’t been testing him.

Syuusuke tapped Ryoma’s head once, signaling the man to tilt his head back. The obedience he received was instant and he smiled as he leaned forward to claim a kiss. “Let me grab my coat,” he murmured. “I’ll show you why walking in the rain is something you should never do alone.”

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