Chapter 02

Harry retired to the Gryffindor Common Room, which seemed eerily empty without the usual chatter of students resounding within it. It’s nice, he thought to himself, being back at Hogwarts again. No Dursleys to patronize me all the time with the added bonus of being able to do magic whenever I want. Harry sighed, shifting postions in his chair as his mind drifted away from the contents of the book he was trying to read. It was helpful of Dumbledore to give him books on each species except humans, but the books were all incredibly dull. Hermione would have these books finished in a heartbeat, he mused.

Amused and comforted by the thought of one of his best friends, he turned his attention back to the book on Hecatema and Hecatemus.

Hecatema and Hecatemus:

Hecatemus are extremely rare, the male equivalent of Hecatema. They are able to see the way magic works by seeing the strands that connect to form even the simplest spells. All magic has a certain color, entirely dependent on the purpose it is used for. The only Hecatemus the Ministry of Magic has ever found records for claimed that all magic-good as well as bad-has an outward sheen of either silver or gold, both colors a strong metallic shade.

Inside that sheen lies another color, which portrays the intent behind the magic. Wizards and Muggles, though they are mostly unaware of the fact, have natural auras that change according to their emotional responses concering their environment. This is the inner color inside the metallica sheen that only Hecatema and Hecatemus are able to perceive.

Hecatema and Hecatemus are the only known creatures with the ability to see the outlay of a magical building, being able to “see” the rooms themselves as well as the type of people and creatures within them. Hecatemus and Hecatema must learn to shield themselves from the outside world, or they could well go insane from the overly bright sheen of magic as well as being blinded, and their over-sensitive reaction to magic may cause severe trauma.

When a Hecatemus bonds, the bond lasts forever. A connection forms between the bonded pair that allows the bondmates full access to one another’s thoughts, emotions, and memories. When the shields of a Hecatemus crack, only they or their bondmates can rectify the situation. If too much control is lost, or too much raw energy taken in, the Hecatemus may suffer critical brain trauma, and it is possible that they might die.

Harry blinked as he finished the last paragraph on Hecatemus. Those powers didn’t sound too bad and having them explained why Harry had seen a silver metallic sheen around Dumbledore after dinner. The particular dangers that came with being Hecatemus were exactly that-dangerous. Harry shuddered. Didn’t he have enough danger in his life already? Apparently not, he thought bitterly to himself. I don’t ever get a moment to relax. Deciding it wouldn’t do him any good to deal on the fact, he turned his attention to the next book, wanting to brush up on the basics before his meeting with Dumbledore in the morning.

Veelas and Their Powers:

Veelas are very special magical creatures, though fairly common. Their skin is creamy white if they are full-blooded, and a light tan if there blood is less than a third Veela. When a Veela reaches a certain age, generally 17, they go into a stage known as Magnetic Attraction. They become extremely dangerous if they are too near a crowd, because they tend to cause the crowd to do insane things to try to get to them. The only potion known to be able to dispell this particular charm is the Veela Repellant Potion.

When they bond with their mate, they are fiercely protective and extremely jealous. They cannot stand to have another person’s scent on their mate unless absolutely certain that their mate as well as the person have no sexual interest in one another. When the bond is formed, the mind connects and they share a link to one another. A Veela cannot stand to be the cause of his or her mate’s anger, frustration, or pain, and will go out of their way to keep their mate from suffering. Veela, when angered, transfer into horrid creatures that will take revenge on everyone they feel is responsible. This particular urge is extremely difficult to control, and is only found in completely full-blooded Veela. Most Veela have the rare ability to do wandless magic.

Harry absorbed the information on Veela and picked up the last book. The one he had been saving for last because it was so tiny, which meant there was probably less information in it than in either of the other two books. He perked up with interest as he begin to read the description of the powers Dumbledore had told him he had. Though he still wasn’t quite sure if the wizard hadn’t gone completely mad, Harry had begun to accept the fact that he was never going to be normal and had three more issues to deal with before he could rest. Well, four, if you counted Voldemort.

All-Elemental Mages:

An All-Elemental Mage is the rarest creature in the world. They appear as ordinary humans, but they are able to draw on all five elements-earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. No wands are necessary, for they pull the magic out of the item itself and tell the magic what they want it to be. There are no records of any All-Elemental Mages, the only one worth noting never kept any records on how to combine all five elements. Fire and Water cancel each other out, as do earth and air. Spirit is a stand alone. A Fire Elemental Mage primarily Fire for his spells, and so on with the other Elemental Mages. When an All-Elemental Mage discovers his or her power, only they know what they can do. It is instinctive. That is the only noteworthy information Dr. Unkers, the All-Elemental Mage mentioned above, will ever be able to give.

Harry decided that he would work on one set of powers at a time, starting with those that could cause the most damage to himself and the world around him if they weren’t aptly controlled. From what he had read of All-Elemental Mages and Veelas, Hecatemus was the one that held the most potential for disaster. His Veela powers would depend on his mate, whoever that may be, and his All-Elemental Mage skills would seemingly stem from deep inside him. His instincts would provide the information…Harry didn’t really trust that, but he hoped that it would be enough to get him through the summer and his last year at Hogwarts.

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