Chapter 03

Headmaster Dumbledore’s eyes twinkled at Harry as the boy walked into his office. The training had gone remarkably well in Harry’s opinion. He had gotten the gist of controlling the Hecatemus powers early in the summer, focusing on one power type at a time. His shields were pretty strong, unless he was around extremely powerful magic. The dark-haired wizard grimaced, remembering how painful learning how to Apparate had been for him. If Harry had the choice, he would never Apparate again. The universe’s complaints were painful to the Hecatemus in him, and it wasn’t a very enjoyable experience.

“Hello, Headmaster. Professor Snape said you had something to give me?” Harry grimaced, remembering how many of his lessons had taken place with the former Death Eater. Most of them had ended badly, with Snape convinced he was right and Harry convinced the man was wrong. The two of them had never gotten along and Harry highly doubted that they ever would.

“Yes, my dear boy, I do,” Headmaster Dumbledore smiled, pulling an amulet-laden necklace from the folds of his robes. The ruby amulet glinted in the light, and, curious, Harry lowered his shields to see the magic he knew would surround it. A bright silver glare nearly blinded him and he hastily rebuilt the shields. The magic in that amulet was very powerful, and he was still blinking back spots as Headmaster Dumbledore began to explain what it was to be used for. “This amulet, Harry, will help keep your shields from crumbling when you re-enter the wizarding world. You have grown use to Hogwarts and its summer occupants, but you are not entirely prepared to deal with Hogwarts with all of its students. I must ask you to wear this amulet at all times, for the school’s sake as well as your own.”

Harry smiled. That relieved the worry he had been nursing-he did not want to accidentally harm somebody and the amulet provided the perfect answer. Gingerly, he accepted the necklace and fastened it around his neck, where it settled snugly against his skin underneath his robes. “Thank you, sir.”

“You are quite welcome, Harry. Now all we have to do is wait for the other students to arrive.”

The dark-haired wizard smiled softly as he thought of his friends. I wonder if I should tell Ron and Hermione about my other powers, he mused. I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging by telling them I have three different powers other than my wizarding skills and my Parseltongue. Hermione will accept it the most readily…but Ron, well, Ron has a tendency towards jealousy. “Sir,” he said, looking up at the Headmaster.

“Yes, Harry?”

“I was just wondering, sir, whether or not I should tell Ron and Hermione.”

The Headmaster’s eyes continued to twinkle. “I do believe that is up to you, Harry, but do remember when the students get here you will be drawn to your mate.”

That statement decided him. Harry would tell his two best friends about his Hecatemus and Veela powers, but he felt he should keep his All-Elemental Mage powers to himself. After all, the raven-haired wizard wasn’t entirely sure how to use those particular powers, haven’t nothing but instincts to draw upon. The Headmaster’s statement about his mate also rattled him. “Headmaster, how am I to select my mate? It wouldn’t be very seemly if I caught his or her scent and went up to him or her and start drooling all over them.” It was entirely possible, if what he had read in the books the Headmaster had selected for him was correct.

Albus Dumbledore’s expression grew serious for the first time. “I will, with your permission Harry, make an announcement in the Great Hall that you are part Veela and have come into your Inheritence and that it is time for you to select a mate.”

“Great. Now everyone will be jumping all over me whenever they get a chance,” Harry muttered.

The Headmaster chuckled. “Ah no, Harry, you see, we are going to go about it a different way than is traditional. We can’t, as you put it, have you drooling over a student and thus causing everyone else to go berserk. We will arrange for you to meet with groups of ten students at a time and select your mate that way. It will be much easier all around, though perhaps more tiring.”

Harry sighed, but nodded. It’s better than drooling all over someone and having everyone else try to jump me all at one time, he thought to himself.Though it is going to be tiring.

“Hello Ron, Hermione,” Harry waved from the Gryffindor table as he saw the couple approach him. The two of them had finally gotten together near the end of sixth year, Ron finally getting the nerve to ask Hermione out.

“Hi Harry,” they chorused as they sat down across from him.

“Why weren’t you on the train?” Hermione asked, concerned.

“Yeah, Harry, why weren’t you?” Ron echoed, confusion dancing on his face.

“I was at Hogwarts this summer. You won’t believe what happened to me,” Harry babbled excitedly.

Hermione and Ron grinned at him. “Do tell,” they chorused.

Harry mock-grimaced at them. “You’re beginning to sound like the twins,” his only response to their question.

“Harry!” Ron whined. “Come on! You know you can trust us!”

Amused by his friend’s antics, the raven-haired wizard succumbed. “I found out that I have more than one blood-type, and that I have the powers of a full-blood in all of those blood-types.” Harry was short and to the point. He wanted to get this over with so he didn’t have to worry about what his friends’ reactions would be any longer.

“And what are the blood-types?” Hermione asked.

“Hecatemus and Veela. With the added bonus of not turning into an angry screeching monster,” Harry added at Hermione’s horrified lookwhich quickly turned to relief.

“What’s a Hecatemus?” Ron asked, completely at a loss.

Hermione sighed in exasperation, a hint of admiration shining through, and explained, “A Hecatemus is a magical creature with the ability to see magic in its pure form. They see emotions and magic…magic has a silver or gold metallic glow and an inside color sheen which tells the Hecatemus what the magic’s original purpose was and the emotion behind the caster. That’s about all I can remember,” Hermione said to Harry, clearly wanting him to finish the explanation.

“I can see magic, Ron. It sounds weirdit feels weird too. I can see the outline of buildings built with magic and their inhabitants. I could tell you, if you wanted me to, what every single room in Hogwarts looks like and how many of every type of creature imaginable is in them. I can also get around every single one of the wards because I can see how that magic works and bend it to get the results I require.”

Ron looked at the two of them, flabbergasted. “How is that possible?”

Harry laughed. “Ron, you look ridiculous.” And indeed he did, with a strand of spaghetti hanging off his chin and the glazed look in his eye just made it that much worse.

Ron looked at Harry in confusion. “Why?”

Hermione sighed. “You have spaghetti hanging from your chin.”

“Oh!” he said, clearly embarrased, reaching up to remove the wayward strand.

Headmaster Dumbledore chose that moment to stand up to make his announcement. Unfortunately, Draco Malfoy made the same decision and Harry’s eyes were instantly drawn to him. He sniffed the air experimentally and found, to his horror, that the sight of Malfoy was arousing him.

“Headmaster,” Harry called out across the Great Hall, causing the students to grow instanteously silent. “I don’t think you need to arrange those meetings anymore.”

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