Chapter 07

“Draco?” Harry asked, gently withdrawing his hand from Draco’s.

“Hmm?” the Slytherin asked, leaning back against Harry’s sturdy frame.

“Um, so does this mean we’re more than just friends now?” the Gryffindor asked nervously, tucking his hands into his jean pockets.

Draco swallowed his mirth, finding Harry’s discomfort extremly amusing. “What does it usually mean when two people hold hands, Potter?” he sneered, not wanting to deal with his own emotions at the moment. Draco was falling in love with the boy. WIth his calm sincerity, his genuine smile, and his concern for Draco. But the question had caught Draco off-guard and he immediately reverted to his old sarcastic self. Unprepared for a question he should have seen coming from a mile away, he knew as soon as the words had left his lips that he had hurt Harry immensely. And that thought bothered him more than he thought it should have.

“It generally means, Malfoy,” Harry spat, “that the two are a couple.” The venom in his eyes made Draco squirm and he leaned forward, leaving the sanctuary Harry’s chest had been providing.

Draco was silent. He didn’t know what to say to make everything better. Harry was furious with him, and the blonde Slytherin wasn’t sure how well an apology would go down with him at that point in time. “Then why’d you ask me?” he replied, sounding as affronted as he possibly could. The way his heart was sinking he was surprised he had been able to push so much anger into the words.

Harry just shook his head sadly, and said softly, “I can’t be your boyfriend, Draco, if you won’t even try to trust me not to purposefully hurt you. Maybe we should wait a bit before we take it further than the friend level.”

Draco saw how much it cost the Gryffindor to say that and sighed. “I’m sorry, Harry. I-it’s nearly impossible for me to trust people. I-at this point in trime-probably trust you more than anyone else. The question caught me off guard, that’s all. I didn’t mean to snap at you. I’m sorry.”

Harry sighed, an imitation of Draco’s previous one. “I know you’re sorry, Draco. I don’t trust people easily either. Dursley’s fault. And my own. But I’m willing to trust you, Draco. I just wish you would repay the favor.” And with that, Harry turned on his heel and headed up to the Boy’s Dormitory.

“Harry, wait!” Draco cried before he realized what he was doing. Startled, Harry immediately stopped and turned around, facing his mate expectantly.

On impulse, Draco threw himself at Harry and attacked the Gryffindor’s mouth with fervor. Harry groaned under the assualt and wrapped his arms around the Slytherin, determined to never let the kiss end. Soon, though, they both had to come up for air. Draco was flushed from the kiss and Harry wasn’t in much better shape.

Draco quirked a smile at the raven-haired wizard’s rumpled robe, then took it upon himself to smooth the wrinkles from Harry’s clothes. “Sweet dreams,” he whispered in Harry’s ear before slipping out of the door. Now that was what Draco called entertainment.

Smug bastard, Harry thought in amusement, making his way up to his own bed.

Draco grinned like a Chesire cat as he fell into bed. The night had progressed fairly well, and he had almost managed to block out the memory of his father’s death. Damn. Tears gathered at the corners of his eyes and he sobbed quietly. The grief over his father’s death would last a long time-the Slytherin wasn’t entirely sure he’d ever get over Lucius’ death. Draco was determined to deal with it on his own, however. Harry had enough on his mind, and didn’t need an extra set of problems to add to his own. Draco hissed in surprise when he felt his head burning in the exact place Harry’s scar was at. Frowning in alarm, the boy wasted no time and rushed to Gryffindor Tower.

The place was in shambles. The curtains were shredded to pieces, the windows were busted-glass absolutely littered the floor. The pillow feathers floated in the air around Draco as he made his way through the mess. He had to get to Harry. The pain in his forehead told him that much. Guided by the pull of some energy running from him to the Gryffindor, Draco noticed a few 6th year Gryffindors with cuts on their foreheads from the exploding glass. Professor McGonagall appeared in front of him, asking him just what he was doing.

“Professor McGonagall, Harry needs help, and I’m the only one who can help him with this. Please, don’t try to stop me. If I don’t get to him soon, there may be no Boy Who Lived left for the Wizarding World. So, if you don’t mind, please move.” To his surprise, McGonagall did as he asked immediately. The concern for Harry in her eyes was touching.

Following the cord of energy generated by the raven-haired wizard, he found Harry curled up on the only windowsill with a window still intact, raw power glinting from his eyes.

Looking up at the blonde, Harry pleaded, “Draco, how do I make it stop?”

Raw power was leaking everywher. Realizing he was going to have to take it into his own hands, Draco stepped over to the wizard and wrapped his arms around Harry’s waist. “Breathe, Harry. Focus the raw energy on the stone walls of Hogwarts and let it drain away into them. The walls are magic shock absorbers. Breathe out slowly and release the energy.”

Harry did as Draco suggested and sunk even further into the windowsill, completely drained of raw power.

“What happened, exactly?” Draco asked expectantly.

Harry misinterpreted the question. “Somehow a bond formed between us. I think I bonded with you the way All-Elemental Mages do, but I don’t know it works. Oh,” he said upon seeing the Slytherin’s puzzled expression. “That isn’t what you’re asking, is it?”

Draco would have laughed, if the situation wasn’t such a serious one. “No. What happened here? I was almost asleep and suddenly, I was very awake when your scar started burning. What caused that to happen?” The Slytherin was extremely curious.

Harry sighed. “Voldemort sends me nightmares. This one was particularly grotesque. I-it was his memory of killing your father.” He looked hesitantly up at Draco. “I got angry and took in a lot of raw power. I think I might have hurt someone.” Draco’s face clouded. “Oh gods, I did, didn’t I?”

Draco nodded. “Some of the sixth year boys have grazes where the exploding glass hit them.”

Harry buried his head in his hands and groaned. “Draco, I’m not safe. The amulet that Dumbledore gave me doesn’t work anymore. I-would you mind staying with me overnight until I get my powers back under control? You are the only one that can handle them,” he said hastily as the Slytherin’s face tightened.

Draco sighed. How could he refuse? “Alright. I’ll ask Professor Snape if he can arrange for us to have a seperate room. So that if your powers do get out of control, we will be able to contain the damage. Although I’m sure Snape will immediately assume that we will be getting up to other things.” Draco grinned at Harry.

Harry blushed, realizing that Draco was flirting with him. Not quite ready to play that game, the Gryffindor just smiled.

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