Chapter 09

Truthfully there were going up to breakfast-as Snape had agreed to Draco’s request-but Draco decided against mentioning it. The memory of the conversation with Snape was rather amusing to Draco, but would’ve terrified anyone other than a Slytherin.


“You want a room for what, Draco?” Severus Snape asked, tone cold and face stretched taut with apprehension.

“I need a room for Potter and me to stay in.”

Snape sneered. “And for what reason would that be? Surely the Headmaster will not condone two students having a private room in order to fraternize.”

Draco forced himself to laugh coldy. “Is that what you think we want the room for? Surely, Professor Snape, you haven’t forgotten the danger an unbonded Hecatemus can cause?” The blonde smirked, eyebrow raised in a posture of defiance-his trademark facial expression. Draco knew he had won the argument as soon as he issued the challenge.

Severus muttered angrily under his breath about brats acting above their stations. “First door on the left, bottom of the stairs leading to the Great Hall,” he snapped.

Draco hid a triumphant smirk and fled from his Head of House, dragging a still-numb Harry to the room. It had taken most of the night to soothe the Gryffindor’s shaken nerves. Harry had been extremely worried about his housemates and nothing but a trip to the Hospital Wing to see how well they were healing had been able to calm the Gryffindor’s nerves.

End Flashback

Draco grabbed Harry’s hand and intertwined their fingers, searching for the security he knew he would find.

Harry grinned at Draco, heart melting. The Slytherin was a bundle of emotions, hot and cold both at the same time. His unpredictablility was one of the personality traits that drew Harry to Draco, as well as the Slytherin’s hidden personality. Harry knew that the blonde was sharing more with him than he had shared with anyone other than his father. And that fact pleased Harry to no end.

The couple entered the Great Hall, making no effort to hide their interlocked hands. The room exploded into pandemonium. All but the Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs who were too caught up with their smaller house rivalry to care. Those two houses had decided to settle their disagreement over a chess game and an unofficial Quidditch Match. Neither house was paying attention to Harry’s and Draco’s entrance, but the Gryffindors and Slytherins certainly were.

Draco felt torn-he was loyal to his house, but he was loyal to Harry too. Despite popular opinion, there wasn’t that many Dark Wizards in Slytherin House. The death glares some of his housemates were directing at Draco would make you think otherwise. Harry felt Draco’s discomfort through the bond they had somehow formed through Harry’s Elemental powers. It bothered the Gryffindor a great deal that he couldn’t figure out how those powers worked.

Instinctively wanted to protect Draco, Harry sent a wave of comfort through the bond. At Harry’s gentle reassurance, Draco stood up taller and his ambiance became one of confidence. Smirking inwardly, he tugged on Harry’s arm and started walking towards the Slytherin table.

Harry stopped in his tracks when he realized what Draco was doing, turning to glare at the blonde.

The Slytherin smirked in amusement and leaned over to whisper in Harry’s ear, “Trust me?”

Harry nodded slowly, “With my life.”

“Then trust me in this. I’ll explain it to you later.”

The Gryffindor sighed. He didn’t really have a choice-Veela were naturally submissive and tended to obey their mate without question. The only reason Harry could question was because of his corresponding dominate Hecatemus traits and his own innate stubbornness. The raven-haired teen cast an apologetic look at the Gryffindor table and allowed his mate to drag him to the Slytherins.

“Draco, what is he doing over here?” Blaise Zabini hissed as Potter sat down beside Malfoy.

Draco glared, every inch the formidable Slytherin Harry had loved to hate for the first five years at Hogwarts. “Blaise, as much as I respect you, I expect you to keep your insults regarding Harry to yourself. Otherwise certain photographs might make their way into the hands of people who shouldn’t be seeing them.”

The simple threat worked miracles. Blaise didn’t say anything rude to Harry, but he didn’t say anything nice either. In fact, Blaise didn’t talk to Harry at all.

Frustrated with the silence, Harry broke it. “I’m not glass, you know. I can handle whatever you feel like throwing at me.” He growled in irritation, and felt the beginnings of a flame spell directed towards him.

Before anyone should have had time to react, Harry surfed the spell-after shielding himself-and found the magic signature of the caster. Pansy Parkinson. Stifling a chuckle, Harry muttered a tickling charm and sent it at Pansy, who immediately started shrieking with laughter.

Draco laughed at Pansy, then turned to Harry, planning to ask his mate who he thought started the charm. Seeing the Gryffindor’s own amused smirk, the question died on his lips. Suddenly, the blonde was very wary of the Gryffindor-from all observations, Pansy hadn’t done anything to provoke him.

Harry caught Draco’s eye and the death-grip the teen’s teeth had on his lip. A twinge of guilt ran through Harry-apparently Draco hadn’t seen the hex Pansy had thrown at him. The Gryffindor took the slightly trembling boy in his lap, wincing when this caused the blonde to tremble harder. Leaning down, Harry whispered into Draco’s ear, “She tried to hex me with a flame spell.”

Draco slumped in relief at Harry’s whispered explanation and relaxed into the grip. He really hadn’t wanted to believe that the Gryffindor would hex someone without being provoked. “Next person who curses Harry has to go through me,” Draco stated quite firmly.

“Finite Incantatum,” Harry muttered at Pansy, who stopped laughing and slouched down in her seat, embarrassed.

“You’re fit to be a Slytherin, Potter,” Blaise whispered across the table. All at once, the entire Slytherin table got quiet. The new was a revelation. A Gryffindor with Slytherin qualities. How…intriguing.

And all at once the usually reserved Slytherin table exploded with words and actions-the way they generally only acted in the Slytherin Common Rooms. Every single Slytherin was laughing and joking around, and it was a fascinating sight to Harry. This was the way Gryffindors always acted, but with a more cautious tone to their jokes. And then it happened. Too much emotion flooding Harry’s Hecatemus shields took its toll. The shields crumbled. The foundation of Hogwarts rocked violently and all the illusion spells in the room flickered out as Harry drew in more and more energy. He couldn’t stop gathering raw power and he looked pleadingly to Draco for help.

The Slytherin didn’t even think about the danger involved. The only thing on his mind was saving Harry from destroying himself and Hogwarts with him. Draco wrapped his arms around the tan-skinned Gryffindor and thrust a shield of his own into Harry’s mind. The Gryffindor was no longer taking in raw power, but the excess he had already gathered would kill him if it didn’t have some sort of escape. Draco pulled the excess energy down the bond connecting him to Harry and channeled it back into Hogwarts’ walls. He made sure not to pull any of the Gryffindor’s magic with it-the Wizarding World and Draco as well couldn’t afford to lose Harry Potter because of a stupid, preventable mistake.

All of this took place within a minute, though it had seemed to take much longer. When Harry was grounded enough to stand without swaying, he grinned his thanks at Draco, who smiled back.

Dumbledore observed the incident with mild curiousity. The two hadn’t physically bonded-Harry had informed him of that-yet Draco had managed his mate’s Hecatemus powers without being harmed. Something only a bonded pair should be able to do. From the looks of things, it shouldn’t have been a possibility. Then again, Harry’s life seemed to be full of impossibilities. Deflecting the Killing Curse, retrieving the Sorceror’s Stone, killing a basilisk, helping Sirius Black escape the Dementor’s Kiss, surviving Voldemort four times, and now this. Some type of bond had to have formed. Dumbledore didn’t know if he would be able to worry about than to wonder how if something was or wasn’t possible. Namely Voldemort. It was time to force the man to face his nemesis. Harry Potter was as ready as he would ever be.

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