Chapter 01

“Hello, Harry,” Dumbledore’s twinkling eyes greeted the young wizard as he walked into Dumbledore’s office. “I hope you had a pleasant trip?”

Harry winced at the recollection of the few hours he had spent in a car with Professor Snape. The dark-haired wizard hadn’t even known Snape was capable of driving a car, and riding in a vehicle with someone who omitted wave after wave of negative energy wasn’t very pleasant. “No, not really. But it’s much better being here than being at the Dursleys.”

Dumbledore sighed. “Yes, I suppose it is. You arrived just in time for dinner, Harry. Let’s go down to the Great Hall and see what the house elves have managed to scrounge up.”

Harry grinned, momentarily distracted from thoughts of his new condition as he followed the Headmaster down to the Great Hall. The dark-haired youth was starving after his long trip, and immensely curious about the explanation Dumbledore still owed him.

Later in the Great Hall, after everyone present had finished eating, the Headmaster clapped his hands, and everything in the room started to glow. Snape had retired to his rooms as soon as they had arrived at Hogwarts, muttering about disrupting schedules for scrawny, undersized brats. Dumbledore and Harry had eaten in relative silence, discussing classes and generally keeping things light.

Harry’s attention switched instanteously from his food to the wizard, whom, he was startled to discover, had a metallic silver glow outlining his form that was hard on the eyes. He looked away, blinking the silver spots out of his eyes, squinting carefully as he turned his attention back to Dumbledore.

“You are, Harry, a unique combination of speciessuch a combination that the wizarding world has never before seen. You are, my dear boy, barely human,” Dumbledore declared, for once being completely straightforward instead of skirting around the facts-something very unusual for him.

Harry Potter blinked, stunned, knowing that if he had had any food in his mouth he would have choked on it.. Barely human! His mind screamed at him.How in the world is that possible! I haven’t suddenly sprouted a second head, have I? Eyes flashing in a panic that was very real, Harry searched the room for a mirror. When that tactic didn’t work, he sighed and reached up to feel his head. Nope, no second head. Phew, well that’s a relief in any case. But what am I, if not human? Harry recalled his earlier thought about becoming more famous in connection to Dumbledore being involved in Death Eater activities. I sincerely hope that isn’t true. That would be just too much for my traumatized brain to handle. And being inhuman will certianly make me more famous… Harry’s eyes widened, and at last he managed to choke out, “Go on,” in a very strangled voice.

“You have four different types of blood running through your veins, and that is amazing in and of itself, Harry. But what makes you even more unique is the fact that you have all the powers of a full-blood in every blood type you contain. You are, in fact, the most powerful wizard this world has ever seen.”

Harry blinked, absorbing the information. Surely this amount of shock wasn’t good for his mental stability. He monaed in distress, sure that the latest shock couldn’t be anything but the authorities on their crazy “Boy-Who-Lived” crusade trying to overawe everyone who hadn’t previously been impressed. “I am not the most powerful wizard in the world,” he stated confidently to himself.

“I’m afraid you are, Harry,” Dumbledore answered, letting Harry know he had unconsciously blurted out his thoughts.

“Sir, what are these four species of which you speak?” Harry speculated. I must be dreaming. This can’t be anything other than a dream. There is no way that I’m not fully human! Outwardly, he retained his calm, hoping Dumbledore wouldn’t notice his fidgeting, his dire need to get away from his odd reality.

“Those species, Harry, are Hecatemus, Veela, and an All-Elemental, aside from the wizarding blood you are already aware you contain,” Dumbledore replied gravely. “Each one comes with its own set of responsiblities and powers, all difficult enough on their own. And you, my dear boy, have to deal with them all. Hopefully this summer will be enough to prepare you for a re-emergence into wizarding society. You come into your full powers on your 17th birthday, and any of those powers you cannot control may well consume you.”

Dumbledore’s tone left no doubt in Harry’s mind that the older wizard was gravely serious.

“W-what are all those things?” Harry spluttered, his shock mingling with his panic, causing him to become nearly incoherent. “What does all this mean-what are my powers? What”

“Calm down, Harry. I have bought books for you to read before we begin your training. And hopefully you will be prepared for the new school year-the Veela in you will most definitely want you to find a mate, and soon. The Hecatemus in you, once that mate is chosen, will be much easier to control with him or her there to guide you than it will ever be on your own.”

Harry groaned. Was his life ever going to be any simpler? Or less weird?

No, a vindictive voice in the back of his head muttered. And you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Shut up, Tom, he thought forcefully at the man invading his thoughts. Just shut up.

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